AA S200 - Additional requirements

Now that the S200 has been discountinued by Air Arms, im looking for an additional S200 to aid in delivering IWT on the Air Rifle. Im willing to private purchase one but have been unable to source any on the Secondhand sales sites, any ideas from the collective mind ?

Ring Air Arms and see what they say, they may have options available.

Yeah tried that, no help at all, pointed me to the MPR range of rifles which start at over £1000 and nothing like the S200

There seem to be a few used ones on sale at RFDs, F Durrant in Worcester is showing one at the moment.

I just spoke to our desk officer about it as I had heard there was a plan.

Seems they have a replacement coming, was displayed at the shooting show in prototype form but this is now being built. Pricing and details to come in a few weeks according to the Air Arms contact.

How does it differ to the current model?

Thinking of training in the future, and if we need to retrain people. Going from the S200 to the new version.

We already have enough between Mag fed, single shot, scorpion vs S200…etc.

Hold that thought… lots going on in the background with SASC on this.

Also don’t buy anything unless it is endorsed by HQ RAFAC so wait on formal comms for the replacement.


I was considering pulling the trigger (yes I’ll get my coat in a mo) on a buy of some Scorpion Cadet rifles - is it worth holding off for a couple of months?

(given we are applying for funding, we’d need to apply for something else instead due to the application window)

I thought you were talking about this, a bit OTT for a Squadron,


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Scorpions are excellent bits of kit and work well, if you are going funded and don’t need to match other AA kit then I would always get Scorpions.

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Ideally we’d want to match what local CCFs have so will stick with Scorpion. I understand it has to be done through HQAC - RFDs can no longer sell them?

Not heard about that, there is a price list on the Hq sharepoint but not sure you have to order through them.

My local RFD says he can’t order them from BSA, there is another Scorpion they can get but not the Cadet version.

Might be worth talking to BSA direct.

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Speak to BSA direct using the order form off the shooting portal. I’ve done it a few times for different sqns always good service and they communicate very well.

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Shooting - Air Rifle Procurement

Have a look at these price sheets. Don’t buy privately as you’ll be paying a fortune!

Both Air Arms and BSA have an agreement with Cadet Forces to provide us with heavily discount rifles and accessories.
The replacement for the S200 is the S400 MPR Sporter

That’s not the replacement, there is a specific replacement about to come out called the X200 Virtue.

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Contact OC1830, he has a never used one for sale.


Virtue looks nice, like some sort of scorpion / s200 and L144 hybrid baby - hope those adjustable butts stay on though. Would this just replace S200 or is the intention Scorpion as well? More info requested!