A very minor uniform query

Hi Guys,

Just rejoined as uniformed staff and I’ve “acquired” my MTP/PCS kit along with a MTP/CS95 barrack dress shirt. After checking the rules in AP1358c, it states that MTP/PCS should be ironed flat with no creases, should this also apply to the shirt or should creases be ironed into it as per CS95?

Let’s not have a drawn out argument about it as it doesn’t really matter either way, I’m just curious, although I do find it a lot easier to iron it with creases than without.

I’ve gone for with creases on the barrack shirt, as it’s the same shape as a CS95 one after all.

I don’t think that chapter and verse really exists on it.

Yeah same I have creases in mine. I have flagged that it needs further clarity in v4

Funny, I’d have gone with “no creases” as it is being worn as part of PCS and this ensures consistency across the suit.

(It wouldn’t surprise me though if the expected lack of creases in PCS was for a similar reason in that it is difficult for the shirt so lets not bother for the trousers)

Yeah there is no clear you do or you dont

I’ve asked the question again on ARRSE. Nothing helpful as you’d expect apart from one post advising to treat it as CS95 ie with creases.

I won’t be losing any sleep…

Different organisation and a general contempt for consistency across regiments aside, that’s about 1 up from going to Yahoo Answers…

I iron mine, but I don’t get picky if any of the cadets don’t do theirs. Or at least, won’t, if any get it. They all have PCS.

Iron a crease in one arm and the other arm flat. See if anyone notices.


How far down should the TRF go (and is a TRF even necessary?)


As a lot of staff and cadets ‘inherit’ MTP from clothing stores, or private purchase - if it comes already with creases, I’d say leave them in (ironing them flat generally still leaves a faint ‘wear’ line where the crease was.
If it’s new kit, or the ‘erk’ that owned it before hadn’t put creases in, I’d leave it flat.

Just my view - got a grumble from a Region WO, but until they issue me with new kit, I’ll do what seems sensible!