A quick question on uniform!

Are you allowed to wear your blue radio badge in the normal position and your bronze radio badge where the cyber badge normally goes?


No. Once you get the bronze radio badge you no longer wear the blue one

But, theoretically, you have earnt a cyber badge? Blue is both types right?

Thats what i thought but someone on my squadron has both radio badges on at the same time and some people were saying its ok and some were saying it wasnt which made me confused

Para 411 of ACP1358 has all your answers.


Thank you :blush:

Wouldn’t you switch what you’ve said round; put the the radio badge where the radio badge goes, and the blue cyber/radio in cyber, as it doubles up as both?

To be fair, it just says only the highest award in each specialism is to be worn. The brassard image shows Blue Radio & Cyber badge worn with Silver Cyber in accordance with instructions. However, to wear the Bronze Radio badge it would need to occupy the position allocated to the Blue Radio & Cyber badge or be put in the position for Cyber badges, both of which options would appear to be contrary to the dress regulations. So can you only wear Blue badge plus a higher grade of cyber?


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Here, they have put the cyber badge where the cyber badge goes, and the blue cyber/radio badge where the radio badge goes.

Beat me to it!

That brassard has a parachuting badge on it…


fake news.

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I wonder how much money 209 paid to get their number used on the brassard diagrams :joy: They do appear to be a real Squadron.