A question on joining the Air Cadets?

Good morning,

For quite some time, I have considered joining the Air Cadets; so at the beginning of June I sent an ‘Interested in Joining Form’ [Via the Air Cadets website]. I haven’t really known what to do since then other than wait for a response from my Local Squadron.

If anyone could possibly give me further info on joining, it would be most appreciated.

Are you over 12 and in year 8 or will be from September?

It could be your local squadron run intakes and will contact you once the details are confirmed.

Another option is the message hasn’t come through to them, do they have a website or Facebook page you could contact them on?

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Hello @themajor ,
I am about to head into Year 10, and I have sent a message through their website, and the overall cadet website.
I just managed to find their Facebook so I will try through there.
I’m not sure on what to say. Any tips?

I think the website link is down in terms of it doesn’t connect to anyone locally.

Facebook is a good option - just drop them an inbox and ask if they can let you know your nearest Sqn.

What area of the country are you in? You may be able to google your local unit and then you can approach them directly - probably the quickest and easiest way to get involved :slight_smile:

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I oversee recruitment on our Squadron and the info that helps me is your age, which year you’re in and then a little bit about why you’re interested. I might get:
“I’ve see you at event
My friends are air cadets and really enjoy it
I was talking with someone at school and they suggested it
I love aviation
I want to join the RAF”

Just some ideas! However we get contacted we always respond. Facebook might be the most efficient, as it’s going direct.

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Thanks a ton, I really appreciate it


The message has been sent, wish me luck :upside_down_face:


Personally I’d suggest picking up the phone to them on a parade night, more likely to get a response than a message which can get overlooked

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Not to worry, I managed to get a reply from the Squadron Sergeant. But thank you anyway for your input.

Just an FYI its probably the best thing you’ll ever do. However this forum has become a complaining grounds. Formulate your own opinion and take things said on here with a pinch of salt.


The expression of interest to the Air Cadet website end up at our Wing HQ, who contact the relevant squadron OC - not sure if it’s works the same across the whole country.

I always reply direct with a little more info, and an invite to come along for a chat and a look around.

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Agree that it will be one of the best things you will ever do!

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