A new, non-road marchy, Nijmegen?

Lots of chat recently about activities, VFM, road marching, camps, cash, participation…

So, not being a road marching bloke, but seeing some elements that are transferable, I had an idea about an activity/event that might be doable, and I wondered what the collective view might be…

A mass participation, regional (to save cash/hassle/time on travel), march and camp weekend. Not on public roads, but on Forestry Commission/DTE land, with routes of different lengths/severities, some carrying camping gear, some just daysacks or belt-kit. Rather akin to Ten Tors, but ideally without all the rescue helicopters…

Each region does one, so North might do Dalby one year, Otterburn the next, Grizedale after that, Catterick, then Kielder, you could do task stands one year and then push for longer distances the next.

Views? Opinions?


My main question would be “what’s the point?”

That’s not a criticism but it would need to have a very good reason to exist in my mind.


Central & East Yorks fella here. Our sector used to do a weekend challenge back in the day around the North York Moors with lots of walking and a night under tents, a bit like a race with orienteering and leadership all in one. Was always tremendous fun. I think something like that would go down a treat across the corps.


We used to do a big day event that was sort of like what you’re saying. ish. It was big day of navigation, with lots of ‘mini events’ as you went around. You’d start super early, and be given a map with a bunch locations to get to. Each location had a challenge being run by staff and you got points for completing the challenge. Think first aid scenario, heat up a rat pack meal, leadership challenge etc. There was also no set route, so you could pick where to go and how to get there. Super fun as a cadet!


Remember the first version of that, jubilee challenge I think it was?

Cadet cambrian march already goes on but RAFAC never taken part.


I know one of the Cardiff(?) Sqn’s used to go quite regularly…

I was just thinking that, but …

I didn’t know that. Does anyone know why?

Not the Southdowns Challenge by any chance? Only staffed that as a medic, once. Didn’t bother after that.

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As I remember it Southdown Challenge was very much just a big walk, with checkpoints along the way to make sure the cadets are okay and no one is lost. I can’t remember the name of the thing I was on about. Maybe Ex Green Guardian or something similar? That might be something else entirely though, possibly a camp I went on…! But it wasn’t just the walk. It was little challenges too, which made it more interesting!

Weekend camping, but in greens. Started friday night, briefings, kit checks, into tents.

Saturday was a circular toute, with cadet teams departing at 20 minute intervals. 5 stands along the route, with various activities.

Sunday. Packed down camp onto vehicles. Point to point route, more activities enroute to where cadets finished, presentations on who achieved what score, and disperse.

Thinking about it…Need to bring that back.

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But you’d need a TOPL for that now, if you’re in uniform!!

You need a TOPL for just about anything these days. Amazed we don’t need a TOPL from RFCA for every parade night…

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Could do a similar thing over DTE also…

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until you get bumped…