4G Wifi Routers


I wonder if anyone can help?

We have a very poor broadband connection, and having checked with the existing provider, and alternatives, no one has come up with a better solution. The existing provider can’t up the speed, and other providers can’t improve it or provide the service at all.

One option that someone suggested was multi sim 4G wifi office routers.

Being a large squadron, during “exam season” and when we have cadets updating their eDofE records, we might have upto 20 plus devices connected at the same time.

I doesn’t seem to matter whether devices are connected via a cable or via wifi, the speed is poor to say the least.

Has anyone had any experience with these?

Thanks in advance


They can work well. Whether they will work better than what you already have depends on the speeds you currently get and the reception in the area. What speeds do you get currently? Do you get decent 4g reception? If reception is a bit hit and miss inside you can get an external antenna to connect to the router, if you get the right router.

Depending on your current hardware, that could also be an issue if lots of devices are connected at the same time. Consumer devices just aren’t designed to handle it as they don’t have to. You would want something designed for office use.

The last time i tested it , we managed 11Mbps, and 4G is pretty good.

But i might try a better router, as you say the one we have is really just for home use, nothing more vigorous.


You probably could get better speeds over 4G - you should be able to get around 20Mbps if the reception is decent and dependant on network.

We sometimes have spots of dodgy connection, or just a congested network, at our place and I use the hotspot from my phone and it seems pretty rapid. Would assume a 4g router is basically the same thing.

Hey. Be aware with a 4G router you will have a download limit and will be restoricted to how much data you use. Do you have an active phone line at the Squadron?


Yes we do


4G is a good solution for the odd use that a squadron connection will have.

Get a decent router and consider an external antenna that will allow you to get it out the window and you will be surprised how good a signal you will get. We have a small one that we take away for access on training areas where signal is typically poor.

Go with a 3 all you can eat data plan, it’s not much more expensive than a typical broadband line.

I would look at getting a business line. You tend to get faster and better service through business. We use XLN but I know others to have used BT and we have used them previously. It includes calls, line rental and then fibre internet. We only pay £35.99 for unlimited downloads and line rental. 76mps download and 19mps upload. If you go with Talk Talk or Vodafone it’s even cheaper but had issues with our address so that wasn’t possible.

Have a nose around here:


Go for one with:
Separate antennae so you can mount antennae outside
Diversity antennae for the WiFi part (most have these now)
Wall mountable: so the cadets can’t reach it
Ethernet port (in case you have any desktop PCs)
Network unlocked
You can even use multiple SIMs to keep costs down

A fixed line is always better, but a 4G router (not one of the pocket ‘mifi’ jobs) will be much better than a phone hotspot for multiple users.

Can I ask has anyone had a similar issue as this…

A Squadron is not located in an residential area.
Therefore supplier argues that you must set up a business account.
Rates for which are much higher.

Im open to any solutions?

Tell the supplier you are a youth charity

Even if BT (Openreach) has to install lines you can choose a broadband provider that suits.