3D Printers

Has anyone got any recomendations for a 3D printer. Im not sure what I will use it for as yet, but think I should get one.

Buy a 3D scanner as well and make small action figures/voodoo dolls of all the Sqn/Wing staff.

What you want to do with it is probably quite important, as it will reflect on the price, size of printer, maximum size of printed item, types of plastic, multi-colour printing at the same time or single colour, time it takes to print, etc.


Persuade someone you know to buy one, and then get them to print you out a RepRap machine.

“Cheap” at Maplins…


Bit of an expensive toy for the most part, but there could be loads of fun to be had.

I have access to a 3D printer if anyone has any suggestions?

I would have thought something like this would be really cool.

[quote=“jacques” post=15741]I have access to a 3D printer if anyone has any suggestions?[/quote]Print him off a 3D printer!