3822a changes

What is the question which has been removed from the 3822a in V8 and who is the Ceri who requested it?
Email of 9 Feb, 20:45 refers - " RAFAC Form 3822A.pdf has been changed"

SharePoint references removing an accommodation question. The only question related is “I consent to my child being accommodated in shared male/shared female/shared mixed/single occupancy only (delete as appropriate) whilst attending authorised events and activities:”

However what has been uploaded is still version 8.0, and that question is still in there.

Thanks for that, hadn’t seen that on SP.
That question really foxes the parents lol. Really, for clarity, it should be a separate question for each option.
So, despite the email and the version notes, we are still where we were.

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Yeah, pretty much, from what I can see anyway.

Just had another look. The comments on Sharepoint would suggest that something has been removed in V9.0. Just that V8.0 is what has been re-uploaded, even though it says V9.0. When you download V8 and V9 they are both the same, and both still say V8.0 on the download.

Ah, the ‘Controlled Documents Site’. Quality control at it’s finest.

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On a similar note, where’s the policy on storing the electronically signed 3822As on SMS?

Well, have a got a surprise for you.

There is a whole ACTO, number 4, which gives all the details about holding cadet records etc. Except, it was last updated in 2019. And still talks about getting wet signatures and keeping copies of forms at unit level. ACP 20 references this still too.

The ‘current’ policy is actually still only part of an IBN, specifically IBN 013 - 2021. Except this IBN has been rescinded, so is no longer accessible. Probably also in an email somewhere.

I think @redowling said it best:

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So a new version has been uploaded to Sahrepoint. According to Sharepoint it’s called V10.0, but if you download it, it still says V8.0. Yet it has changed this time. The bit I quoted above has been removed.

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But the checkbox remains :rofl:

I hadn’t even spotted that! Brilliant.

‘Controlled Documents Site’ wins again.

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The 3822a has now been updated, fixing the issues that you’ve all noted.
I emailed our Head of Digital and it was corrected within the hour.