3822 shortage

Just been told that there are no 3822s in stock at HQAC.
Anyone know if they are available to buy from Cadet Direct?

Have you tried asking another Squadron to see if they have some you can have?

Just wondering if the information is current - they were out of stock, but new 2018 editions were made available at the end of last year.

Are these the 3822s that do not include the Cadets DOB, which have resulted in underage cadets flying at AEF…

That would be the fault of the squadron or camp commandant, not the 3822!


I’d say it’s the fault of the organisation for having ridiculous rules, but maybe that’s a discussion for a different thread :wink:


Agreed, however should the 3822 not have a DOB field… because the new one doesn’t.

Fortunately I have a few spares but I was just cynically wondering if lack of 3822s was following the same pattern as lack of various PTS badges ie “sorry, none left, but you can buy them from . . . .”


It is a data protection thing - Dates of Birth (amongst other information) are considered highly sensitive so the new 3822 does not require them to be entered, nor home details.

We have the information on the database - we don’t really need it in a cadet’s logbook too nowadays.

As long as you can log onto SMS at any time and in any place.


Or squadron staff just check on the squadron before they send the cadet off on an activity…

Plus their DOB would be on their consent form anyway.

It does seem a bit odd though that we need a 3822 at all on that basis.

Wasnt their rumours of an electronic id card?

I think that QR codes on ID cards might not be a bad idea.


Don’t go around that buoy again; been on the cards for years and never happened.