3822 powered flying log

quick question - where do i put chinook flying in the 3822? is it the powered flying log and if not, where should i put it?

Is there still a section for opportunity flights? If not I’d put it under powered flying.

there is a section for opportunity flights, but the powered flying log includes AEF flights

AEF flights

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cheers for the help

Then what’s the opportunity flights for? AEF was always for flying in a tutor, learning how the aircraft flies and maybe taking control. Opportunity was for everything else.

although i don’t disagree…my flight in a Domine (back in the day at Cranwell summer camp) shows 2 hours on the AEF column…

it does beg the question. what is an opportunity flight?
surely anything that is not Tutor, be it a flight in an aircraft with spare seat, or a flight in a Voyager along the Mall for the Queen’s birthday…?

I’d argue that these days a Tutor flight should go in opportunity too…

I’ve got a 5hr Nimrod trip in my AEF log, though given I did actually take control (how illegal must that be, in hindsight?) it can legitimately be air experience.

To the OP, it doesn’t really matter where you record it, as you can see here there’s a discrepancy. As long as you do record it somewhere you’ll be fine.


Opportunity flights don’t exist any more, as far as I know.

Back in the day, certain airlines used to offer ATC cadets the opportunity to sit in the jump seat for a return flight - IIRC one of my mates had the opportunity to join a Britannia Airways crew from Manchester to Cyprus (and return).

I think the scheme ended post 911, given the stricter cockpit access rules.

if such a activity doesn’t exist anymore then why is there a page in the book?

if there is truth in the 9/11 cut-off that would imply that new books (revised 2002/03?) shouldn’t have it in there as 9/11 was 2001…?

L98A1 is still listed in the book.
The book is out of date in both content and concept.

…off topic but go on

I think it goes between L89A1 and L89A2.

Dunno! I would hazard a guess that the ACP (20a?) was not rewritten until after the 3822. That would mean the ACP would authorise an activity that could be recorded in a 3822, despite it not being offered anymore in the real world.

Like gliding?


Pretty much!!! :rofl:

Just had a look through an old copy of ACP20a…


  1. Flights for ATC cadets are from time to time offered by the operators or owners of non-Service aircraft. Because of differences in passenger insurance cover, flights in non-Service aircraftmust be considered in 2 categories. These are:

    a. Flights offered by the operators or owners of aircraft operating on commercial
    passenger carrying services, eg commercial airlines, air taxi services.
    b. Flights offered by the operators or owners of private aircraft, eg companies and corporations who operate aircraft for their own communications purposes, owner pilots, flying clubs and schools.

  2. ATC cadet flights as passengers on commercial services as categorised at para 1a above are to be known as Opportunity Flights. Detailed instructions for the Opportunity Flight Scheme are contained at Annex A to this Instruction.

  3. ATC cadet flights as passengers in privately owned and operated aircraft as defined in para 1b above are to be known as Passenger Flights. Detailed instructions for cadet flights on Passenger Flights are contained at Annex B to this Instruction.

well there we go! :+1:

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Indeed, some clarity is good.

Probably one of the things we need to change given that any flying now is essentially an opportunity flight!