3822 Discounts

I was recently enrolled and ‘promoted’ from Recruit to Cadet. With promotion to cadet, I was given my 3822 book. I’ve frequently been told that I can use it for discounts. However, I’d like to know where I can use my 3822 for discounts.

Dominos pizza. 40% off, works in most places

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I heard we also get like 10/20% off at Nandos

I got %20 off at my local Nandos this evening with my MOD90 - I presume the 3822 will be the same…

Hello. I have heard various times about getting discounts at shops by showing your 3822. Where can you get discounts?

You can definitely get discounts on canned pork products…

20% at Frankie and Benny’s
10% at KFC
10% Cotswold outdoors
an additional 10% off at Go outdoors if you have their discount card already
12% Viirgin Atlantic (MOD90 only)
10% BA (MOD90 only)

The list is endless.

If you are unsure, just ask if they do military discount.

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Does it get you 50% off at Tesco mobile

Not that I know of…?

100% not…i used to work for them

Um the actual 3822 doesn’t give you any discounts. Some stores just take it for military ID and give you whatever military discount they run, but not all shops do. However once you’re 16 and still serve in any Cadet Force you are eligible for the defence discount I believe.

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Yep, just has to be verified by wing staff

Putting to one side that this is a 5 year old thread, what you say was never a thing and the 3822 is no longer a standard issue.

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Pretty sure they were responding to the last bit of the previous post talking about access to Defence Discount if you’re a cadet over 16


I remember my son getting a DDS card when he was a cadet and 3822s were still a thing. I think I had to something to the notes page (perhaps his NI number?) and then upload a photo of it. Anyway, the process must have changed now as 3822s are no longer issued.

The current DDS form says cadet applications need to be signed by the WExO.

But the website says send a copy of the 3822 book.

Might need someone to contact them to update it.


That is exactly what i was saying. Obviously i know myRAFAC is used as ID

I’m pretty sure you can get discounts at some air museums. I went to Hendon at the start of last year and I think as cadets we got about 10/20% off.

I guess you mean in the shop as the museum itself is free?

Yeah I meant the shop, we got pretty good discounts in there