35 years on

In 1985 one of the best ever recruiting ads for flying in the armed forces was made.

In 2020 the sequel is being released because Hollywood isn’t allowed original ideas any more.

Are we going to be using this as our prime recruitment tool? Worked on 90% of the people I was a cadet with back in the day…


No, but Denise has made available a new poster and leaflet for staff recruitment.


With all the old outdated VR(T) images and some exceptionally dodgy PR pics…


As an FTS stude at Cranwell we had just provided the Colour Party for the latest Grad Parade
As we walked into the screen at Lincoln Cinema (having naturally fallen into step as you do) the whole room started humming the music we marched onto parade to (can’t remember what it is called). Screen was packed with IOT students as you would expect

I have never seen so much misuse of Aircrew Sunglasses in the next weeks………
…although the ‘need for speed’ quote did not really work on Jet Provosts with the constant power variable noise jets


Thanks but I meant the music the Colour Party marched onto the Grad Parades to

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You mean that you don’t march on to the Top Gun theme? Bad drills!


Yeah… but you mean dawn.
Total dog poo.
Real messy runny dog poo.
The sort you wouldnt wish on your worst enemy.

… of course the best staff retention leaflet from her would be a copy of her resignation.

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No, I really mean Denise.

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Not sure new is the right word.

Definitely Denise.

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As a very young Fg Off I attended the first showing of The Battle of Britain at a cinema in Birmingham. Afterwards an older member of our group was overheard to remark to one of his contemporaries “I don’t remember hearing any music”. But then he was Polish.