2nd Brassard

Hello I have been in cadets for quite a while now been in cadets for 1 to 2 years now and I have seen someone with a 2nd brassard on the other arm and I know one is for mayor cadet. I was wondering if there is any other badge other than mayors cadets that allows you to have a 2nd brassard.

Lord Lieutenants cadet as well.

And Station Commanders cadet.

ah ok thanks for the quick response

AP1358c only mentions LLC and mayor cadets not station commanders cadet

Stn Cmd’s is treated same as mayors…

Where does it say that i ap1358c…if its not in there then it shouldnt be worn

You go and tell that to all the station commanders and their cadets. I dare you.


I wont because its not my place too… if i was the WO who looks after uniform then i would take what action was necessary …wether its updating ap1358c or whatever…just highlighting another example of dress regs not being followed.

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None of the RAFAC insigna is in AP1358c either, should we not be wearing them then by that logic?

There’s bigger dramas in the organisation than updating the dress regs for every little change. New changes are accepted as they come along before the book gets an update.

Difference between that and this example is that there was a directive from HQAC that we were to follow the new regulations from a certain date and that dress regulations would be updated at somepoint to reflect those changes. There has never been a directive from HQAC around a new badge for station commanders cadet…

Sorry to proverbial on your bonfire but regulation isn’t the be all and end all of the organisation.

While you are at it, have them stop having their cadets carry canes!

There is a fair few other things you might want to address on your crusade while you’re at it, examples include:

JL staff and DS cadets wearing reversible/subdued rank slides
Squadron’s using flight tabs
Squadron’s allowing cadets to wear No.1 uniform
Leadership courses around the UK having special badges for their courses
Adult NCO’s around the Corps trimming rank slides down to make them smaller
Cadets wearing Split Rig greens with DPM waterproofs, and MTP trousers


None of these things are in the dress regs, but still happen, so I think we could probably cut some slack to Station Commanders Cadet’s who have a genuine reason to wear a badge on a separate brassard, for a worthwhile role that promotes inclusion with the RAF family.


That’s a very fair point actually.

Pics or it didn’t happen!

I wasn’t in a position to take a pic - I was in the eatery at Linton.

Look for CE Yorks wing training day photos. Then you’ll see.

How about,
“Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools”

Ah, the Saudi way!

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