25m Range - Scope


I’m looking at getting my cadets a scope for shooting on a 25m indoor range. I am ready to admit that I’m in no way knowledgeable about this kit, and so wondered if those in the know would be able to give me some advice on what to look for / where to get one?

I’m not in a position to spend megabucks, but don’t want one that’ll fall apart after 2 uses.

Any ideas?

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

About 2 weeks about I splashed out on 4 scopes from Amazon, total was about £140 or so (circa £35/scope). Fully adjustable, in both focus and zoom.

I’ll dig the email out at work tomorrow and past the name etc.

Cvlife 20-60x60 Compact Sports Monocular Mono Spotting Scopes

£36.99 at Amazon.

Other scopes and sellers are available.

I have this same scope bought on ebay for £20 (at the link below it’s £69.99! :blink: )


Basically the same scope turns up in Lidl, Aldi, and other cheap places.
It’s not bad for the price. Build quality is okay.
The only ‘downside’ is that the optics are not fantastic. Okay, but not top-notch; which is as you would expect for the price.
They’re a little dim, particularly at full 60x zoom. Fine outdoors in good light, but I don’t know how clear they are on a dimly lit indoor range.

They also suffer some chromatic aberration, again particularly at full zoom.


The Aldi/Lidl Scopes are good for indoor ranges although the stand sometimes falls apart.

Optic wise they do the job and okay up to about 300 yards. For 500 & 600 yards you would probably need to get a different stand as it starts to struggle at these distances and the ‘wobble’ becomes quite distracting. They can also have difficultly in detecting Mirage which you need for the longer ranges

Further distance (900 & 1000) you would probably need to get a full spotting scope (the larger the optic & the more light it lets in the better).

The Aldi/Lidl scopes make great starting scopes and I have used them at ISCRM for several years and got good results.

Yes, the mini tripod is definitely the weakest part of the whole package.
I keep meaning to build something more stable and with thumbwheel adjustment. It can be quite frustrating trying to fix on the target using the pan-handle.

Thanks all, useful to know that the Lidl/Aldi ones are at least fit for light use. I’ll have a scout round at the other links too.



Any thoughts on this one?