24 hour time


Strange question, but how would you say the time 0024? Obviously 1600 etc are pronounced 16 hundred hours but is there a similar method for times between 0000 and 0059 inclusive?


I’d say it “zero zero twenty four”, or reschedule it for after 01:00 :wink:


If it was 0024 and someone asked me what the was, I’d say “zzzzzzzzzzzz”.

But yeah, zero zero twenty four. Might be an Americanism, but I’m sure I’ve heard “oh zero” before.

Oh and, er, midnight doesn’t exist :wink:




oh oh too early :wink:


Oh oh past your bedtime sonny Jim.


Zero Zero Two Four.

(That’s Army, where - to my horror - Zero Zero Two Four is an actual thing, rather than a theoretical question…)

Army - Dig in, not check in.


I’d say thirty six minutes until one. But only because i like baiting people.


Exactly as shown - zero zero two four.

NEVER schedule anything for 00:00!! It should be XX date / day 2359 hrs, or, YY date / day 0001 hrs!


The only activity that we of the RAF Regiment would be undertaking at that time, is ringing down for room service.


Legend used to have it that as there was no such time as 00:00, it was the only time of the day when one wasn’t under service law; therefore one could do what one wanted.

I never had the balls to test that theory though…


Gone in 60 seconds? :wink: