2024 Activity Changes

What do we all think?

Commandant announced a change to HQ activities this morning in 2024:


I’m not sure I get the full message from the video.

I don’t have access to the video so no idea :frowning:

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Same here, just the usual “Sorry, you don’t have access” message.

I think someone may have forgotten to check the permissions for the video file.

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Same. We’re not allowed access to what HQ is doing, so this is to be expected :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Email has gone out now too… try that link.

Still no permission.

I actually love this, some good comms for a change (if we could see the video)


Agree the intent is there… not sure the video gets the message across. When they fix permissions so you can see it.

No access here either

…sounds like that the new activity list then …‘Sorry, you don’t have access’ :wink:


This is the second time a decent video/communications release has been scuppered by a permissions issue. The Comdt interview when released and emailed out also started with no access!

Also just noticed the video is (poorly) marked OS…

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Everyone should now have access


So basically we need to fix the HQ / Org Structure and to do this we need to do less in 2024…

Reel of a list of national activities that are on the chopping block for 2024 but nothing confirmed as yet.

I can see the logic, in almost taking a gap year to turn the ship around.


It’s definitely needed, it’s just a shame that we didn’t do this during the COVID lockdowns or as those lockdowns were lifted, rather than trying to restart everything, then (as a national/regional level) stopping things again.


Thank you Boss.

Explaining why there are going to be some restrictions on national activities this year and giving us advance warning. This really is a step in the right direction for comms.

Also, good to see they’re acknowledging issues with the organisation of national events this year.

This makes me much more positive than when I wrote my post about comms yesterday


With my Road Marching hat on Planning for the 2024 Nijmegen Marches started last June with the booking request for accommodation. I will be putting the calling notice out this week and the first training will be in November the weekend after Remembrance. The DIN for NM24 normally comes out on the end of November or early December. CFAV all over the country have already done work on their commitment to attending NM24. Cadets have said to me when is the training starting, I want to go to Nijmegen. Expectations need to be managed and alternative activities need to be put in place

Great work on the heads up but work on big ticket national events has already started, The expectations on the volunteer needs to be managed. Decisions on go, no go need to be made as soon as possible. People need to book time off work, have conversation with family and clear space in their calendars. I know South Wales Police staff have to book annual leave more than a year in advance.


Whilst I heard the words…

…the image I have is of more layers of Bubble Wrap


Some interesting stuff in the video, mostly on what was not said! It probably makes sense to pause and reassess but he did make it sound like some cadet activities were akin to going over the top at the first battle of the somme

What’s the TLDW?

I hate news only being done on video, or voice note.