2020 First Class Logbooks

We’re having trouble sourcing First Class Log Books for our 25 new intake. Wing have no stock and no idea when they’ll be getting any - anybody have any ideas / surplus they’d be willing to share?

Any suggestions much appreciated!

Wing may object, but you could print your own?

Thanks - yes, that’s the backup option, but am hoping to save some trees if possible… if some log books are lurking in a cupboard somewhere :wink:

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Have you tried neighbouring wings?

Follow the process in the ACTO… order via SMS and they will be delivered to the sqn postal address as recorded in SMS

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They’ve been on SMS a few months, and when I questioned it - was told they are on order as no stock.

Problem solved - ordered now (I think). Had been informed process was automatic… hopefully have now ordered from where there should be stock :innocent: Thanks, all.

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Good to hear, if you press the little tick box it should (i think?) close the topic so that theres no unneeded discussion.

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