2018 RIAT Kit list


Hi, I’m trying to get new bits and pieces from squadron and elsewhere uniform wise. Just wondering has the Kit list for RIAT 2018 came out? If so, could someone please post it so that I can organise what I need. Thanks.


We’ve not seen the Kit List yet.


my first suggestion is look on either (or both if you can) the RIAT Facebook pages - there will certainly be one year’s kit list available.

alternative search through SharePoint - RIAT Admin team have archived the previous years but I have found these from Surrey Wing


i will add - it is nothing unusual from any other annual camp.

At least one of every item of uniform, enough civis to get you through the duration and consideration to the “camping” element to the camp


Speaking to staff who have been, cadets (and I imagine staff) should take a lot of sunblock / high factor suncream, decent footwear and remember to drink lots.
I’ve heard of cadets getting burnt and dehydrated, while watching the aircraft, but as one member of staff said, once you’ve seen one of a type do a display, they’re all a bit the same.


JIs aren’t usually released until about May.

What I would say is that you’ll need every item of uniform you have and if you’re on the extended camp you’ll need multiple sets of green uniform.

Waterproofs are a must, as is suncream and a large water bottle.

Your staff should be able to get hold of last year’s kit list which will almost certainly be identical to this year’s.