2018 Honours List

Yes, Nick Clegg is there

Yet i have, once more, been overlooked.


Not been collecting your cornflakes tokens…

There are a few closer to home as well :zipper_mouth_face:

One of the VRT MBEs is very well deserved.

Not both?

This nonsense again. I thought we already covered it.

Load of utter crap.

But that was so last year, darling!


I’m very pleased that a friends dad has received a QPM for his work with getting young offenders into the Police Cadets.

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Now that’s an interesting idea. Good effort that man.

Who’s the CCF one? Lt Col James Bain… - no hits on Google. Presume he’s a Contingent Commander…?

Shame that the deadlinewas missed for the Manchester & London Terror Attacks, will seem a bit old by the time they get their awards.

I’m with Jeff on this one, no one should receive an honour for simply performing well in the job they are paid to do. Don’t agree with the CBE for “Services to Air Cadets” given to CAC when she is on circa £100k and has been in role for only 5 years or OBE given to RCs with similar service on circa £90k when there are VOLUNTEERS in this organisation with 40+ years service who receive no formal recognition. Sadly the Sir Humphrey attitude to Honours is still prevalent in certain quarters.

Jeff Stelling epic rant about New Years Honours List - starts at 0:40

Sir Humphrey Appleby and Jim Hacker discuss the Honours List - starts at 0:45