2018 Drill Sequence

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has the new 2018 drill sequence? I remember seeing it being released by the D&C WO, but can’t find it anywhere.

Please note, that I do not have access to Bader/SMS/Sharepoint/etc.

If someone could help, I would be immensely grateful!

Many thanks

CWO Briggs

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The 2018 Drill Sequence can be found on SharePoint.

This is in the following location, which has been used for the previous couple of years (i think it’s linked by the relevant ACTO)

ACO Document Libary > Activities > Drill and Ceremonial > Foot Drill Competition > 2018 Sequence

I appreciate you don’t have access to BADER but as a CWO you should ask your staff for access using the generic account, if they are not willing to do that then they will need access the file for you.

I’m not uploading to ACC Drive in the event that it gets modified in any way.


It is sequence DS6 v2.00

If you find an earlier version on the Internet somewhere, don’t trust it as it may still contain the “left form” which has been removed.

I would ask them, but even they are struggling to get onto it - we’re a CCF(RAF) Section, so it takes ages for any issues to be sorted out by the TEST staff… we haven’t had access for a good few months

I don’t know what sequence the CCF are using for the Air Trophy competitions, but the ATC regional and RAFAC nationals are using the sequence above. CCF used it last year.

How are they running a unit with no one at all having access to Bader? I recently took over at a CCF on a temporary basis. Lots of issues getting info on the current training syllabus etc. but bader took the TEST Sgt 5 minutes to give me access on his regular visit. Grab them next time they are down and get them to reset the password.

The CCF(RAF) are not following the same drill sequences as the ATC any longer for the Royal Air Squadron Trophy. I think we are now sticking with the same (simpler) routine every year.

Just looking at this. The banner drill doesn’t appear to have been updated, is that correct?

Banner drill doesn’t change each year unlike the foot drill. Only when they decide that it’s incorrect .

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Actually, they like change small bits at short notice becuase people whine a lot at some stuff!

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Which sadly isn’t often the case - despite the error being pointed out regularly.

What is the error

Well, the way the banner party moves into line after the march-past is not correct, according to an Ex-QCS WO who should know that sort of thing. It used to be right but was changed and there doesn’t seem to be any drive to correct it.

The one that they tripped over in 2017 was whether the “DI” at the side should call the Eyes Right/Front (which they should), or whether the bearer calls it (which they went for).

The DI is giving the parade commands that would be given by the Parade Commander and the No1 Flight Commander in the parade that the banner sequence is simulating. During the march-past, the banner party follows the commands of No1 Flight Commander: the Quick March and the compliments.

There are probably a few more. It has been tweaked fairly regularly, but mostly minor items.


Bang on.

The RAF even realised the error (most likely an omission or misprint when updating AP 818 from 6th ot 7th edition) way back and released a video - AF 9458 RAF Colour & Standard Drills which demonstrates the correct and intended movement.

Moving from Column into Line should be the exact reverse of moving from Line to Column. If the movement were carried out in a real-life parade scenario the way it’s expected for the competition the Banner party would march straight into the left flank of No1 Flight.

I point out this error at regular opportunities and I’ve been roundly ignored every time. :wink:

Ahh I see, but of remember we are doing banner drill which is slightly different to colour or standard drill, the RAF would tend not to know the subtle difference. My view is the if simulating a parade then it is acceptable to move Into position without a take post which you would do at certain times. But then what do I know I’m only ex QCS :grinning:

Only really in the lack of requirements to pay compliments to an uncased banner and the composition of a banner party. We inherit everything else from the colour and standard drill in AP818

We take the basis of what AP818 says but have to change it to make it work for ATC cadets.

One of the main changes being the fact that they are unarmed most of the time.

“Typically ATC/CCF parades will be unarmed and as such the instructions laid out in AP818 have to be ‘tailored’ for ATC use. Obviously, all orders
relating to rifle drill are removed and because of the status of all ATC banners
(excepting the Corps banner) all references to saluting a banner are omitted.” Quote from the competition information.

But there is some things that are different in the sequence that aren’t what ap818 states and doesn’t fit the above reasons for the alteration.