2018 Drill and Ceremonial Camp


I’m hoping to go this year. I hope I can offer my experience and that I fit in. I have heard from many that it is an excellent camp that cadets and staff learn new skills.


Everyone will have their own specific views on the camp structures that exist and it wont ever be considered ‘fair’ for everyone.

There has to be a selection process of some level as the camp can only take a finite number of cadets and staff - and it would be nearly impossible to run more than one speciailst camp during the ‘season’ due to the amount of qualified and competent personnel it takes to undertake the training.

As far as calling/warning/joining/admin/information goes - it is due out soon, so hopefully wont be too long before people can make an educated decision based on information rather than assumption.


Does anyone know when the selections are out? Or does it vary between wings


Each wing has 8 spaces to fill and is down to the wing to allocate


The specifics of selection will vary by wing but wings will nominate no later than 20 April.
Selection may be early to mid May