2018/19 Training Year - Shooting Courses

The Training Courses support by SASC have been uploaded to the Shooting Portal - Apply for a Course for the training year 2018/19.

Any Short Range RCOs looking to get LR qualified, remember you need to complete the SA(K)17 course as a pre-requisite.

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What is a SA(K)17? is it better than a SA(K)16?

ARD with a new name to match the Regular/Reserve course.

There is a shooting bulletin on the Portal from last Feb that explains the name change etc. This would also have been cascaded to all Shooting Officers as well (for onward cascade)

Sorry to be the acronym Police, but I’m still non the wiser…

Ancillary Range Duties, so running the Butts etc

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ARD / SA(K)17 is a naff course that lets you be useful for a year.

Hold on and I’ll find a copy of the official spin…


I don’t think SA(K)17 is a one year thing because it’s a qualification. It’s also a pre-requisite for the Long Range Course from April.

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I thought it was still an auth.

From my SATT:
"Cadet K Qualification course for 18/19 is an authorisation course (must be repeated annually…)

Misinformation - it has to be revalidated annually. You do not have to repeat the course.

Historically the course could be either a qualification or an authorisation. The issue was for it to be a qualification there needs to be a representative from the SASC present to rubber stamp it. Where a SASC member is not available it has to be an authorisation and is valid for 12 months. It is revalidated with the authority of the CO (commandant in the ACF), assuming you have used the qualification enough in the previous 12 months to stay current. I’m not sure if any courses are “qualifications” these days. Fortunately, mine was!

I have an SA(E)90 qualification. It’s not much use in the ACO though…

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Don’t know what that it’s, don’t most courses just move over to the cadet version? So if you have SA(B)90 it just becomes SA(SR)07? Sure that’s in Ground Training Ranges somewhere.

A SA(B)90 is a little bit more than a short range ticket! It includes ETR, MMTT and IBSR. I’ve held the qual for 20yrs.

A SA(E)90 qual is a Field Firing Safety Supervisor.

I’m just a humble SA(AR)12 so not an expert on these things in anyway!

It converts to SA (LR) 07.

That would make more sense!

The requirement to do SA(K)17 only kicks in after April 2018. There are a few LRs before that but they are busy due to this requirement.

SA(K)17 can be an authorisation renewed every year or if there is an SASC TAG person there it can be a qualification also.