2 ranks in close order




I’m just trying to find consensus or documentation to prevent potential aggro in 6 months time…

What is the correct spacing between the front and rear ranks of a squad in 2 ranks in close order?
AP818 contradicts itself (of course) so I am looking for supporting arguments one way or the other:

In the definitions section on page viii:

The formation of a squad or unit in 2 ranks, at a distance of 2 paces of 75 cm/30 in between ranks. The ranks are termed the “front rank” and “rear rank” and each person in the rear rank covers the corresponding person in the front rank.

In lesson 18 "the formation of a squad/flight"

Movement 2 (On Parade), Points-To-Note #3
If there is less than nine persons to form a squad, they are to be formed up in two ranks with the same intervals between individuals as described [as for 3 ranks, that being 1 pace].

The description in the definitions section seems unambiguous, but I suspect the lesson is newer and is more likely to be correct.



It looks like a typo in definitions section. Open order is defined as 3 paces between ranks for both 3 ranks and 2 ranks. Drill movement to go from open to close order is same for both, only difference is only rear rank moves when 2 ranks.
The right dress would have to change too, unless we enrol cadets with exceedingly long arms.


Indeed, or the notes on Open Order could be the typo :slight_smile:
ACTO120 says it should be 3 paces as well, but I’d hesitate to call that definitive either.


Might be worth an email to the Drill & Ceremonial WO? Get it in writing and sent out to all!.


On my DI Course at ATF we were instructes 2 pacea between ranks.


Look at the 2nd row. It’s from 2015, so I’m not sure how reliable it is now, but it’s still up there.


It is two paces between ranks.
Front Rank and Rear Rank as though the Centre Rank was removed.

People often get confused by the sentence “with the same intervals between individuals as described”.
That does not refer to the paces between ranks.

An interval is the side-to-side space between individuals (one can look that up in the definitions too if faced with someone who thinks they know better.)

Further, when moving two ranks into open order the lesson does not specify how many paces the rear rank should move - only to state that the “rear rank only” moves.

Ergo, to go from two paces in Close Order to three paces in Open Order the rear rank only has to move one pace.