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Hello a few months back I did the WHT for the new rifle i believe the L144A1. I have to do the practical tomorrow and have to shoot. The thing is I cant really remember what to do. Is there like a “revision” thing that I can read online so that I can get familiar with like the commands etc.

Also I feel very nervous for doing it tomorrow Deep inside dont want to do it. but…

It sounds like it’s your first time live firing. Don’t Panic™️.

I’d encourage you to have a word with staff when you arrive tomorrow. I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to give you a quick refresher, and will be pleased you’ve spoken up rather than fumbling around like many who’ve forgotten do.

If you’re a first time firer you should have 1-to-1 supervision from a coach / safety supervisor. As the name suggests, they’re there for everyone’s safety and to help you become a better shot. They’ll give you guidance where necessary, and ensure that you fully understand each practice.

Listen carefully to the Range Conducting Officer’s brief. They can be somewhat wordy, but they are important. Ask questions. Remember the basics - keep your finger off the trigger (except when operating it!), the rifle pointing down the range all the while, and pop the safety catch on when you open the bolt during drills.

Go along and give it a go. If you shoot one practice and decide it’s not for you, say so. But try it once. “Do one thing each day that scares you”.


Just say to the instructor i forget how to do it then they will go through what you need to do

Ok thank you so much this has really helped I genuinely do appreciate it

Firstly don’t panic! A rifle is a machine effectively, you’ve done your training on it and passed your WHT, therefore your a trained operator. It’ll do nothing unless you operate it to so to speak.

Secondly, the L144 is .22 caliber, it has virtually no recoil so its not going to hurt your shoulder. Just hold it firmly in your shoulder as taught and you’ll be fine. Also being a .22, it dose not go Bang! It goes Ping! :slight_smile:

Lastly, relax, you might actually find you enjoy shooting

In fact, you are more likely to hurt the L144 than the 144 is to hurt you!


And no doubt break it…

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Don’t worry about being nervous, it’s natural.