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It’s all change at 2 Flying Training School as Group Captain Baz Dale takes over as the new Commandant.

Baz, a former RAF Tornado pilot with extensive experience overseas will now head up the RAF Air Cadets’ gliding fleet and 10 Volunteer Gliding Squadrons across the UK.

For more info visit our website:

that website link https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/news/baz-takes-over-helm-of-2fts/


From 2012 to 2014, Baz commanded 72 Squadron, training the next generation of fast-jet pilots, at RAF Linton-on-Ouse; he was the supervising officer for the Tucano Air Display over two very successful seasons. Baz has also been an Air Experience Pilot for the RAF Air Cadets since 2008, flying with 4 AEF (Glasgow), 6 AEF (RAF Benson) and 9 AEF (RAF Linton-on-Ouse), both as a regular and, most recently, as a VR(T) pilot.

so it would seem although not Squadron experience, Baz does have experience with Cadets and critically that experience is surrounding flying


That could be a game changer

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I find it highly amusing that the picture attached to the Facebook post has lopped off the heads of both of the gents in it and that there’s no picture on the website at all.

HQAC media team need to get their stuff together :joy:

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In a bin bag.


I think three combat tours on Tornado G1/4 counts as Squadron experience.

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Corrected that for you

what themajor says

i was highlighting that someone at the top has hands on experience of the organisation and dealing with Cadets, ok so not Air Cadet Squadron two evenings a week experience, but he isn’t afraid of what a Cadet looks like

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Only time will tell and it’s not like there’s much to live up to. It’s a fairly blank canvas.

Excellent news, I think, given his experience of actually flying in aircraft with cadets. I’d heard on the grapevine that the new chap would be good news, so I’m optimistic.

Yes, I know that’s not like me.

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Captain Smith was a good captain, too, but couldn’t change the fact the tools he’d been given were rubbish.

I hope he does succeed, but the degree to which everything’s been destroyed suggests it’ll be nigh on impossible.

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I know Baz through his previous job with the RAFBF.
As others have said there is only so much that can be done with what he has left, but fingers crossed, he has Cadet and flying experience so that’s a good start!

True, but Captain Bligh was a good captain and succeeded against horrendous odds.

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I spoke to Gp Capt Moriarty, the 2 FTS temp boss, a few weeks ago at Syerston and he said the number 1 priority was getting more use out of the PTT’s and more cadets through the Aviation Training Packages, so that more of them could wear wings.
Squadrons are getting cadets on Tutor sorties but not the ATP’s. Consequently they don’t get the wings, go out of currency, get disheartened and leave.

We need PTTs where the AEFs are…!


I dunno common sense creeping in again.

We should be getting cadets into the air, not worrying about poxy badges. If that’s a priority where’s my woggle and scarf?

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We are in a really lucky position that we have a fully working flight sim. With a CI who has spent the last 20 years teaching ATPL students for L3. And was a training captain for BA. I dont understand why he cant train the PTT syllabus on sqn.


Empires and building for the use of!

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I can’t speak for other squadrons but my cadets have little to no interest in giving up a morning/afternoon of their lives to drive 20 miles to sit in a flight sim in a portacabin. Judging from the emails I see lots of other squadrons in my Wing also have problems filling PTT slots.