1941 Film of ATC in action

This is rather brilliant. Some rare colour/b&w film footage (over 18mins) taken in 1941/42 of ATC activity in Yorkshire / Otley. All very interesting to see…

(Note the very ‘almost American’ relaxed style of footdrill, in the mode that everyone seemed to get away with up until the 1970s (apart from Guards/Household division…and of course, still present in the Navy)


That drill is going to trigger some DIs…!

Stand by for incoming.

Great film though. I didn’t get sound - is there supposed to be?

It does say in the description that it’s silent.

Might have to show it at our place, would make the history of the ATC first class lesson a little more ‘real’.

Meh …its historic I can cope

That is an awesome find, thank you @wilf_san


Like this? British Pathe is a good place to have a rummage for things


Follow this one and see a flight sim that we should have today

I really enjoyed the bomber training video, and very much agree we need to be developing our flight training to incorporate multiple roles rather than focusing on just the pilot.

It would make Air Nav more important than it is, I personally think it’s one of the most interesting subject.

That aside I love the commentary and language on those films. It’s good also to see when the ATC meant something and that it started at 16.