12 month training programme


Does anyone have a 12 month high level training programme template that I would be able to use?
I’ve been looking around but unable to find one so far.

Many thanks.

Define high level. Itll mean different things to different people.

Also, do you want it to be a full training program - including weekends - or just parade night training?

@MattB has an excellent training program generator which may be of use??? https://forum.aircadetcentral.net/t/training-programme-creator-software


I can also send you my yearly outline as well if it helps.

Hi, thank you for pointing me in the direction of the programme creator. Really good tool!

If you wouldn’t mind @MattB then that would also be a great help.

Thank you both.

Could you send me it as well - would really appreciate it

Yearly outline sounds interesting if you can send it over please?

Happy to send to anyone - but you will need to tell me your email addresses!

Hi there, could I also get a copy of the 12 month plan? training.2394@aircadets.org