100 Yard Target


we have been bumped of the gallery range for our L81 shoot this weekend, onto a 100 yard range, but the range staff do not have any target rifle style targets… does anyone know the standard bull and ring dimensions for a 100 yard target? Hopefully I can try printing some

cheers BG

Hmmm, the NRA standard sizes only go down to 200 yards (figures for 300 yards in brackets):

Aiming mark = 16" (22)
V bull = 2.1" (4.eight) (using the number 8 & a bracket = a smiley!
Bull - 3.5" (5.5)
Inner - 7" (11)
Magpie - 10.5" (16.5)

I presume that scoring is not required (haven’t looked - but marksmanship awards for L81 not relevant for 100 yards?).

If you really want to be precise, use one minute of angle at 100 yards = 1.047 inches! B)

From a 300 yard score card diagram, the approximate diameters:

V Bull = 1 minute
Bull = 1.75 minutes
Inner = 3.3 minutes
Magpie = 5 minutes
Black aiming mark = 7 minutes.

So, if you halved the 200 yard dimensions, they would be close enough!

There is a downloadable target (USA-based), 600 yards target scaled down to 100 yards HERE. Look for the MR -31C.

Thank you, the whole situation is not ideal but there we go

The combination tolerances of L81, ammunition & cadet interface will be interesting! I was shooting at 200 yards the other weekend, & even with a new 1:13 barrel & excellent ammunition, it was blooming’ hard work to keep 1.25-1.5 MOA at that distance.

Thats if it happens at all combination of lack of staff and cadets is now making it look unviable in any case… :angry:

I can’t play - but if it goes ahead, maybe the scaled tgt might be of use?

Someone else had done the work, not me! :wink: