You know what really makes me laugh?


Yep the Shackleton showed it a clean pair of heels everytime.Although I do seem to remember the Nimrod was good at tracking fast cars on the A1.


That’s bad luck. I’m sure that RFCA will be able to allocate to Bodge, Run and Hide Ltd.

Just imagine if somewhere in the mix Carillion are involved in the VGS refurb programme, not fixing the gliders, but infrastructure.


I heard some comments from Corbyn during PMQ about bringing all public sector ‘works contracts’ into the public sector and not involve private companies.

I suppose that would hide anything like what has happened from the public and just mean more taxpayers money getting wasted without the taxpayer knowing anything about it.

While PFI might not be liked it does offer a degree of transparency wrt public finances.


I would hope that maintenance contracts shouldn’t be a massive problem (unless they’re in the middle of something or you have a job that needs doing urgently); it’s if they’re already carrying out works that it’s going to cause big problems.


Even for maintenance, companies need to have the capacity and be on the list. Then there is the negotiating of contracts. Many maintenance companies don’t have a massive staff as if they ain’t got the work, what do they do with people and a lot of workers in the construction industry are effectively self-employed.


Elton John having another farewell tour … must be down to his last £100 million or something. He must have had 3 or 4 farewells.


Not often Commandant makes me LOL… but the weekly update about her dog did. A drugs dog… called Charlie. Well done RAF Plod. Very good.


The thing is she can’t take it to work…
If it goes into HQAC it will go mental because they are all on something coming up with their messed up ideas…


I wonder if Air Cadet policy comes from Charlie (the dog)? As in the ‘Charile says’ public information films of the 70s although Charlies was a cat.

It’s the OK the irony of drugs dog called Charlie isn’t lost on me.


Dear God, what kind of HQ doesn’t allow dogs?

Most of the HQ’s I’ve worked in or visited resembled a dogshome - black and chocolate labs everywhere, Springers likewise, the odd pointer, various hounds, and French bulldogs for any RAF people attached…

More than one very senior officer I’ve worked for thought that an officer without a dog at their feet was deeply suspect.


Apparently Amazon makes a lot of money by duping people into buying things, by Amazon suggesting via one assumes various algorithms which it labels as “AI”.
If people are that stupid should they be allowed anywhere unless attended by several people in ‘white coats’, and definitely not allowed access to any electronic devices, unless it applies voltage to the temporal lobes.
Is this how the world is going people unable to make decision without the assistance of something in the electronic universe?


An old lady, 102, has said men are control freaks after reference to the current furore over the suffragettes.

In my experience at work women put in charge of things are more worried about controlling things, than any of the men I know ./ have known.
Being married you see it and just go along with it for a quiet life, although you do what you were going to anyway.


She’s a relic. And she’s moaning about stuff she has no grasp on. All that militant and radical criminal damage and arson, which stopped while all the men went off to war to fight and die in the First World War. That’s just Male privilege I suppose.
Emily Davison had a return ticket in her pocket, which arguably shows she never intended to be killed. And she was thrown out of several university groups.

She needs to start reading Ancient Greek plays. The assembly women seems to have predicted the future.

Careful though, this sort of stuff could be seen as mysognistic hate speech. The Thought police will be going mental.


It is interesting as a Historian that the suffragettes are now held in such esteem when it fact they were incredibly unsuccessful. Whilst not in anyway putting down the efforts that they took and their dedication to their cause it should be argued quite forciblynthat the effect they had on the Status Quo was pretty much zero, the First World War and the actions of women in that conflict had far more to do with women getting the vote than the actions of all the Suffragettes combined. (Women working in Nursing, Farming and Factories as equals was a real wake up call to the country and once you have given people equality it’s very hard to take it back!)


What’s really tickling me at the moment is that Julian Assange is still stuck in a cupboard at the Embassy despite trying every dodge he can think of from becoming a diplomat to trying to undermine the bail act!


But… But… Muh equalitea!


That is overlooked by the media, as all the women with nothing else better to do get over excited, while having a massively over priced coffee and panini/pastry, while making sure their social media is constantly updated and emails answered.

The WW1 levelled all sorts of playing fields not just that women took jobs that were traditionally were done by men, this was repeated 39-45. I think what should be highlighted a 100 years on is the way men who came back from France/Belgium were treated like 3rd class citizens as many were unable to take up their old jobs, due to the effects of what they went through and or with horrific injuries.

Glorifying the acts of blatant law breaking and pardoning a few middle class women a 100 years on who broke the law, why not Swing Rioters, Luddites and so on. These were “working class” men with real concerns that were actually realised, not bored middle/upper class women who develop a social conscience to give them a hobby, to do more than take tea or do sewing. Like many so called socialists they wouldn’t know hardship if it bit them on their privates. If they were suffering they wouldn’t have the time to protest, they’d be working or raising children. Neither of my nans were in service and wouldn’t have had the time to mess around like this.
My minimal knowledge of Emmeline Pankhurst would suggest today her parents would tour protest camps and festivals for the summer staying in nice hotels (they might rough it a few nights to share the bean and lentil stew and stick tea) and then back to their comfy house, after the season. Then her husband died leaving her with private means to pursue her hobby.


Reading an email explaining how they’re considering changing the ACATIs to be a single document, possibly with chapter headings. I wonder what they could call it if they do that?


I wonder if HQAC could get an award for reinventing the wheel?


I think they would only get the darwin award…