You know what really makes me laugh?


Yes, but I’m sure you also spend money on VED.

I’m simply suggesting moving the cost across; net result is that motorists pay the same but it costs the government less to administer - so that they can actually spend the cash on useful stuff like maybe repairing some potholes (and then you could save on suspension repairs)


Just axe the foreign aid budget.

No point putting money in the charity boxes if you can’t pay your mortgage.


If VED was abolished and an extra 10p tax on fuel the VED would be covered, but it would mean having it ring fenced and not just stuck into general tax income and frittered away on rubbish, like VED is at the moment.


I’m sat across a table from another ACCer (And another former one is due to arrive soon). Will they know it’s me?


Just randomly say their username and see if they get confused…


Is it @Batfink? Because I’m pretty sure he knows who you are.


No it isn’t @Batfink, and it’s not you either…


Angela Merkel not being able to form a coalition in Germany.
And there are people in this country who ramble on about PR or some such multiple voting system, that would create the chaos of a system of coalition governments, which are all well and good IF all the little parties get a disproportionate say in things.

I wonder will they bang on about instablility etc etc in German politics like they have about ours since the Summer.

I thought Merkel was on shaky ground before their election from some of the things I’d read and she only got in on the better the devil you know. I was hoping for an anti-EU German Chancellor and they may still get one, which would potentially banjax the Eurocrats in Brussels and Strasbourg and elsewhere.




I outed myself to the person in question…


The look on the builder’s face when we sacked his company today. Wish I could be there when the letter before action lands on his mat.


One of our delivery drivers has just been moaning that his wife has worked out what he’s bought her for Christmas. How? The adverts that online shopping generate when you look at websites have shown where and what he’s been looking at.

Not sure my wife would get too excited with the wide range of gifts that Toolstation and Screwfix could provide … not sure a box 200 4 * 25mm pozi drive would go down well.


Incognito browsing solves that problem.


Better still stop companies from doing it and clogging up space with crap, that’s the far better option. Some of rubbish that appears, god knows what they expect people to buy.
God knows where and when this was thought to be necessary.


Would you prefer to pay for all of the free services you use on the internet then? Oddly enough, Google doesn’t provide a free search engine out of charity.


I bet Google etc would make much more if 1p/month was taken from everyone with a broadband connection and mobile phone per month, than they do through this invasion of privacy as that is what it amounts to. It should be an internet setting to turn off these things. I don’t do the ‘use location’ and use a nearby postcode instead.

You get enough emails from companies you buy from for them to get another sale, without adverts for something you’ve just bought on the off chance you might want another straightaway.


Some will recall that a few days ago I posted on the MTP Daysack thread that I’d just bought a Berghaus Cyclops Vulcan rucksack for £20 on fleabay, and that the waist buckle was broken but that it would only cost a few quid to replace…

Well, it turned up today, and it turns out the buckle isn’t broken, rather that the seller didn’t know how to use the Berghaus bergbuckle, and therefore thought it was broken when it wasn’t…

#win #freebee #bargain #winningwithangus


How can you not figure out the buckle, but still be capable of using an internet?


Because software engineers have succeeded where buckle designers have failed.


I love the irony that Aung San Suu Kyi could be facing charges over the genocide in Buma, when she herself only found fame due to repressive measures in the Burmese govt.

All the luvvies rambling on about how bad she was having it, must be choking now.