You know what really makes me laugh?


Scotland and Wales whingeing about NI getting more money.

Maybe if the SNP and PC were more willing to support the govt, then they may have got some more, but they don’t and just whinge and bitch and baulk things. Maybe they might start to learn how politics really works.


You mean you don’t think you should be upset that a political party is openly getting money for their votes?

Sounds democratic to me… .


No it doesn’t upset me in the slightest.

At least this is largely open, most political deals are nod, wink etc, ever watched Yes Minister/Prime Minister or the House of Cards from the late 80s/early 90s, British politics in action.

If Corbyn got his way for a rainbow coalition there would be more dodgy deals than Del Boy and Arthur Daley combined.


Cheap - & undoubtedly considerably cheaper than any potential Labour fiscal plan, based on “spend, spend, spend” to maximise the voter draw.


Hardly ideal though, and it’s deals like this with tiny geographical parties that are another reason why we need PR.


Please elaborate?


Well because of PR we have a number of tiny provincial parties (such as SNP, Sinn Fein, DUP, etc) with a tiny proportion of the votes, with far more say than they should have.


With PR you would end up with all manner of odds and sods forming all manner of oddball ‘coalitions’ which would end up with the country not going anywhere, unless all the minorities get their slice of the cake. It was bad enough when the Conservatives went into a coalition with LD and their simpering gibberish. But it made it easier for the Conservatives to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily as they could blame the LD.

If we look at the situation should Labour form a minority govt with LD, SNP, PC, Greens, not withstanding the fact that the Conservatives still have more seats on their own and the DUP wouldn’t side with Labour, it would be a disaster.


With PR the 2015 election would have led to a massively strong Conservative/UKIP coalition.


And back on topic


HQAC asking us for our opinions


Not sure if it’s laugh or cry.
Almost 79 years to the day that Neville Chamberlain came back from Munich, Theresa May is going to appease eurocrats with a limp-wristed wet fish speech about us fudging leaving the eu.

All we need now is a ‘peace for our time’ style speech when she comes back, when like a certain Herr Hitler all those years ago, the Brussels/Strasbourg (depending on what day of the week it is) nobodies will be laughing their socks off.


Maybe I am reading that wrong, maybe it’s the rum, but can you articulate that another way?


I can see May coming back and saying we’ve got a deal and everything will be OK, just like Chamberlain on returning from Munich, when in fact all May is doing is just appeasing the foreigners who are scared of the UK leaving the eu so are acting like children in playgrounds and putting up all manner of invented barriers, like wanting us to pay into the club after we’ve left.

If it was just a case of working through the process and leaving just like that, it could see more countries (Greece, Italy, Spain etc) thinking we don’t need the constant interference and saying they want to leave, which would see the eurocrats out of nice little earners.

Reading about the election in Germany on Sunday, there is I feel a real hope among the eurocrats that Merkel gets in again (ie no election surprises like the Yanks), as it could throw the federalisation of Europe project into disarray.


The news that umpteen million Yanks might have been duped by social media posts during the last election. Frankly if they are that stupid should they even be allowed access to social media, let alone vote.


That comment could be addressed to both the Democrats and the Republicans.

What makes me laugh is that the thought Hillary was a good candidate…


Maybe not stupid, Trump & his team were probably cleverer - paid this company a bucketload of $$$:


Funny how when it doesn’t go peoples way, everyone starts over analysing.

People are blind towards the facts they don’t like.

Trump supporters wouldn’t see trumps failings.
Hillary supporters wouldn’t see her failings.

Hillary lost because it was Hillary. If it was Bernie, might have been a different outcome.


It wasn’t just the USA elections (& the hate stories against Hillary were staggering, probably the best option on “experience of State matters” alone, but that’s another whole thread!) - the media suggestions that the same firm helped to influence the Brexit vote led to a formal investigation by the UK Information Commissioner.


^ This.
I think that politics is getting even more partisan, with lots of people seeing everything as black and white when it’s anything but - and there are plenty of people out there who would probably wholeheartedly support a policy that lets the government pop round and help themselves to their children’s kidneys so long as it came from their chosen side (and would be angrily complaining on the internet if the other side wanted to give them $1000 and a free steak)