Year 10 Work Experience


The web link to Gamston is here:

You can have a look and see what it does, the contact details are on there as well. If you want to visit air traffic control specifically, then you could write to the airport manager and explain what you would like to do, what you are thinking of as a career and ask if a visit to the ATC could be arranged. You will need to take a responsible adult with you and it would be worth putting that into your letter, so it shows you have thought about that aspect. I’d still suggest talking with your OC and finding out the details for your Wing Aviation Officer, asking if you can contact them directly, or if OC would prefer to do it themselves.

As far as Gamston goes, it may be worth suggesting a squadron visit to your OC, it may be something one of the staff can pick up and organise. Numbers are often limited (Doncaster ATC limits this to 6 cadets plus staff), but there may be others on your Squadron who would like to visit as well.

If there’s anything else you would like help with, just ask and good luck!


Back in my day (probably sounding equally old!) I’d agree, stock option, or find your own. However, there was a greater pool of willing employers than there are now. @Teflon has answered the other aspect, unfortunately in today’s world, schools cant be too careful. Speaking from parental experience, when my own children have found their work experience, there has been a sheaf of paperwork to be completed by the prospective employer and ourselves, before the school would approve it. Its sad when its come down to this, but unfortunately, as Teflon says, everyone would be in the proverbial if it went belly up


On the website there are contact details to ‘Airport Operations (ATC)’. Should I contact them directly or straight to the airport manager? I have a girl on my squadron who’s mum works at Cranwell and says that she can organize a day at an ATC thing for me but its only for a day. I’m looking for a week for work experience. I’m guessing a week of work experience in an ATC tower is sort of out of bounds as i assume its a bit hectic and they don’t want a child in the way of it all for a whole week :joy:. If i have no luck finding anything in the aviation sector, i’ll look at working a different job for the week. Thank you for your help!