VR(T) Commission Change


I’ve always felt that the ‘Air’ in RAF Air Cadets was a little redundant. Other than possible confusion with RAF College, what was wrong with RAF Cadets?



It’s a double use of air which smacks as bad English to me. Or… it’s it a double negative which cancels each other out (i.e. No “air”)??


I think we’re obviously compensating for a lack of actual air.


Is that because someone has stolen the oxygen component? :joy:


It does look like 2FTS has gone rouge on the idea of the bird over the rank for his train set.


2FTS going rogue over something. Pull the other one :joy:


Didn’t like the of the cadets money (GP fund) to pay for the initial batch of rank slides because HQAC didn’t have ant money.

I hope the trustees made the right decision…


You’d be surprised at what the Gp fund is used for. However bring that down to Sqn Level and we used Sqn funds for staff things, which had a benefit to the Sqn or cadets. I’m not talking about “team building” days in the pub, more like training. Sometimes I’d buy kit - for example if a member of staff wanted to get involved in dofe and we had no trained staff, if they were unpaid I would buy kit like a tent and sign it out on the Sqn inventory to them. Over the years it may come back undamaged or reusable, sometimes not and if they had good use of it and the Sqn benefitted from that member of staff being enabled in some way, so be it.




And deleted.


3 weeks to go…

But to what :rolleyes:


Anyone got a book going? What odds are you offering?


My bet is on complete and utter confusion, the odds given were 1/1.


Anyone got their rank slides through yet?


My money is on me still wearing my privately purchased VRT slides in a year’s time.


I would love to know how much this is costing, Especially now that it is dragging on and the tea leaves indicate (nothing heard from Sleaford Tech) that sometime in 2018 is looking more and more likely on when it will happen (?).

Including in this list will be peoples time and effort both internal to the ACO and in the wider MoD, traveling to meetings, changing documents, writing new policy on the CFC, new desk plates, door signs, insignia both issue and private purchase for green or MTP for the rank and file.


I ain’t buying them.


I don’t think cost is something that they worry about at all, as there is no bottom line and the shareholders ie taxpayers are not allowed to question any spend, loss etc within the public sector.

When it was binned earlier in the year and October this mentioned as the ‘go date’ I was under no illusion that it would happen when they said. I think 2018 is optimistic. They are currently doing another vision for 2020-2025 and I think there are more changes afoot across the whole CF and the CFC will come in as a part of that package.


If they do delay it again do you reckon they’ll still start giving one to the SCC officers. I know a couple who are quite excited about getting a commission but are ANNOYED with the RAFAC for delaying it.


It must be a local excitement, certainly not representative. More officers were ‘concerned’ to keep post nominals, RNR, than gain a commission, but then the navy has a greater tradition of officers who aren’t commissioned (historically). Having said that the SCC will not progress sooner than the RAFAC; all will get it together at the same time, surely?