VR(T) Commission Change

I suspect that individual service personnel take great pride in their appearance, but the bean counters (probably civil servants who’ve never worn a uniform) don’t care.

Absolutely incorrect - it’s the service chiefs (and programme managers, overwhelmingly mil) who decide on this stuff, not CS.

There’s a direct relationship between the money spent on ceremonial uniform - or office uniform - and the money available to be spent on operational clothing like windproofs, gore-tex, softies and boots.

The more you spend on finer woollen cloth, better tailored clothing with better/smarter design, the more likely that a SAC working at a RRH in the Falklands, or on the flightline in Estonia or Finland will be cold and wet.

At the end of the Falklands war, 2 and 3 Para, as well as 40, 42, and 45 Commando RM, were all suffering between 12 and 15% loss rates through cold injuries.

But sure, tailoring for parades…


It shouldn’t be a binary choice. We should have proper equipment in the field and the parade ground. We can’t parade in combat jackets with medals on like some kind of third world dictatorship.

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Or the ACF


I believe this is one of the reason why the dress regs are now an ACP and not an AP so we have got the option to permit this if needed.

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With supply timescales from parent stations creeping up again, we might have to.

It still says “by authority of HQ Air Command” on the front page, so I would certainly hope not.

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ACF and CCF Army have been given permission for medals on MTP for this years remembrance…

I was unaware they needed permission - I have seen for a number of years the ACF with medals on their MTP

I thought it was a blanket allowance as well

Well from the Cadet Briefing Note document via X (Twitter) it seems like its the 1st time officially…

9. While awards and medals are typically not worn on Combat Dress, HQ Regional Command Cadets
Branch has obtained approval for CFAVs to wear personally awarded medals on thier Combat Dress for
Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday parades. CFAVs are not required to wear medals if they choose
not to. When worn, awards and medals must be full-size and mounted (either court or swing mounted),
secured to the left breast of the issued MTP lightweight jacket or smock.
10. Cadets and CFAVs are not to wear foreign and unofficial medals, or medals awarded to relatives,
when in uniform. Medals are also not to be worn with Combat Dress during any other activity or event.

It’s not new - has been in place for several years. But it’s only for Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday parades.

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See also, chief constables


I’ve never tried wearing a chief constable myself.


I’m pretty sure it’s an indictable offence.


Cracking response, BZ

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Although in theory we should have good supplies with orders that filter through quickly we know that isn’t the case in real life. Has anyone approached their committee for uniform funding from 2nd hand websites (popular online auction or other sources?)

Yes but it’s not about the VRT commission change - maybe ask in a more appropriate thread.

valid point… To be honest i thought I replied to one of the earlier posts regarding tailoring of uniform etc

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