Valuing Our Volunteers (Admin Process)


I was only referring to the use of ultilearn. The books were an afterthought and poor one at that.


Ive seen slugs attack quicker.




Now, all exams are ‘on-line’ with open books. The cadets do not learn things anymore for paper exams they just learn how to use a ref book.


Perhaps we could scrap RAMs (or an an annual one!) for air rifle ranges…


The only issue with that is that shoots won’t show on a Cadets Bader record.

I suppose we could have an annual one authorised by Wing and then just create local ones on Bader for each shoot.

Doubt the TSA in LASER who is busy not understanding how a volunteer organisation works would approve!


Well, individually, you have to add a shooting record = details added. You also have the problem of having to go to the “central” shoot record to delete cadets that couldn’t attend last minute.

The Scouts manage with a one page document. We have to have “x” pages of RAM + GRA + list of cadets (&
staff of course) pre-submitted to Bader event -> subsequent approval from the Wg Shooting Officer. Great if you have a WSO who can action things quickly (we do) but it is a long-winded process.

It is not conducive for “last minute” range options - outdoor event planned, but inclement weather on the day, or, indoor event planned, but instructor not available short notice, or, RCO not previously available, but last minute, can attend sqn. No ability to open up the air rifle range = wasted opportunity.