Uniform for the Larger Cadet....... No2 Trousers

We don’t need to go down that route just yet, I just want some idea of what others have done so that I can go back to them and say “well here is a few solutions to our problem”

this happen to a friend of mine in my Cadet days…he’s 6foot-something-ridiculously-tall even in his teens and needed specially tailored No2s trousers.
the RAF supplied them from parent stores. ironically he was able to find some CS95 (as was back then) without issue!

What’s your parent station?

I’ve taken items of clothing to stores at our nearest unit and simply swapped them for the correct size on a one for one basis.

Have you got any clothing you could similarly swap?

We have a cadet who has out grown his trousers and will need to get a pair tailored for him. He’s over 6ft tall and I’m sure he still has some growing to do.