Training Officers, year ahead?


After what you have pm’d me, I totally understand how you feel. Had a girlfriend who was a social work student some 20 years ago, what a load of bovine effluent they were fed, biased and well awful.


i’ve had the same response.
two schools in the town and we couldn’t visit the one because of the Headteachers view.
It meant we were reliant on the Cadets spreading the word via their friends network which worked but was never as effective.
of course that was also the school which always said “no” to any time off school for camps or even using


This seems to be drifting somewhat into recruiting. Can we stick to training goals for the year?


Best training officer I came across was a taxi driver, ran an amazing programme, intelligent as hell. What we only later found out he had a very high security clearance as an RAF Thor missile technician.


Yes - I think that a successful squadron will produce large numbers, but you can’t try and make it work the other way around.