Tax Rebates for Uniform / Equipment Purchase by CFAV


No, with respect, it is NOT the same answer at all.

If, as a CFAV, you are required to wear precisely the same uniform and PPE as a regular or a reservist (for clarity, I’m just referring to basic No3 dress in this instance) and that kit is not provided to you on a free issue basis, then it is the case that you must pay for it yourself.

Under those circumstances, it is entirely-reasonable that the option of tax relief be given in recompense to those that seek it.


Good luck even though I agree with your statement until the MOD advise the tax office that we don’t get paid as if we are in the military. I will try and find email reply I got.


HMRC may look at the VA as you are on a variable payscale according to status as employment, with all the rights and responsibilities it brings.


Well, I’ve got a P60, which says I’m an employee of “RAF RESERVE” so on my self assessment I’ve gone ahead and claimed £60 tax relief for uniform maintenance and the difference between the 25p per mile I get for travel expenses and the 45p per mile the government uses for tax calculations. I didn’t claim the difference on HTD, as I assume that is the equivalent of driving to work, which you cannot usually offset against tax. It doesn’t amount to a massive amount of money (as you only get 20% of it back) but every little helps.