Looking at photographs from various Lord-Lieutenant’s award ceremonies it struck me that, while all the cadets were well turned out, a lot of parents let their children down by not dressing for the occasion. I would have thought that such an important event would mean, at the very least, smart casual.
Perhaps I am a little old fashioned but the photographs are a record of the young person’s achievement and if I were the parent I would not want to spoil the memory by turning out looking like I had been dragged through a hedge.
Am I expecting too much?


That’s society for you nowadays. A lot of people just don’t possess or think of possessing something vaguely a bit formal like a conventional shirt or trousers, even at funerals.


I remember going to restaurants when I was younger and it was time to get dressed and these weren’t anything special.
When I went clubbing in the mid 80s it was minimum collar and tie and proper trousers and one around our way you had to wear a jacket as well.
When I first started work, men had to wear jacket, collar, tie and proper trousers, women wore more or less what they wanted.
Now I wear polo shirt and trousers for most things.
I think that this “dressing down” started in the mid to late 80s when going out didn’t require being so ‘dressed’ and the introduction of dress down Friday, which now could almost be ‘dress up’ Friday. But I make you right with funerals. I’ve been to a few and there are people there who look like they go up and found some clothes in the washing pile and thought that’ll do. I couldn’t do that, completely disrespectful imo.
My dad has only in the last couple of years started going for paper without a tie, but he still wears a blazer. Go anywhere else and it’s collar, tie and blazer.


Could be worse, they could be wearing pyjamas.


I saw an advert for a Vauxhall(?) and that extolled the chavvie pyjama wearers, by showing all the women wearing night attire, like it’s normal. Maybe Vauxhall want to appeal to energy drink, sausage roll munching chavs.
Millions probably watched that and think it was a documentary.
I’ve seen women in the shops near to where I work wandering around in pyjamas. Surely getting dressed before you go out isn’t that difficult. Although I imagine they’re going back home for a morning of Jeremy Kyle and so on, thinking it’s real life.

I don’t suppose it’ll be long before you’ll go out for a meal and almost throw up as someone wanders in, wearing pyjamas.


I saw that too, somehow I can’t imagine Alfa Romeo or Jaguar running a similar advert.