Staff first aid


It seems that BEL had dropped its FA requirement in 2013, but I also thought we had started to ignore BELA in favour of another qualification, though that could just be a local thing here.

MTB qualifications (including hill and moorland) require 2-day

BCU require paddlesports coaches working independently to hold a FA qual, though their requirements vary by qualification with a minimum of a 1-day course

I don’t follow the AT stuff particularly closely so I don’t have 1005 full knowledge at hand.


So if you want to do MTB etc, HQAC cough up for the course requirements.

I think HQAC rely far too heavily on people doing things and spending many thousands over the years on qualifications and memberships, especially for AT, which it gets the benefit of for nothing. The people who do this have to do things to remain current, which again HQAC make little or no provision for and if it does it is so far and few between that many aren’t able to do them.

It gets the benefit of people doing FAW through work, so I think if like me you stick on SMS HQAC should reimburse the company half the course fee.


not strictly true…at least on my understanding.

it is an “hours course” which makes for two very long days. I think something like 20 hours contact time. 2x 10hr days is waay to long.
Our Wing run these over a weekend with a Friday evening start. 2x 8 hour days and a 4x hour evening would make 20 hours.

Don’t quote me on the numbers but certainly that is how I recall the basis of the explanation of the agenda for the weekend!

I have heard this as well.
But to counter this, anyone operating with a BEL (unless as part of a youth groups, Scouts/School which may have thier own restrictions - remember all CFAVs are expected to have a first aid ticket of some sort, the Scouts/schools/other could easily apply a similar policy) if doing as part of a business their liability insurance would expect proven first aid knowledge.

It would not be expected to take a group from the WI on a BEL level event which they paid for the “service” of a qualified leader that the service provided was appropriately covered


A FAAW course can be conducted over a weekend, starting on the Friday evening and ending on the Sunday afternoon.

Hardly an impractical length of time. It’s to do with the guided learning hours (glh), not so much the number of days.


Another weekend nail in the CFAV coffin. Who on earth is driving this??!!


A lot of areas are moving towards Lowland Leader over BEL these days. The main reason being that whereas BEL is all contact time LLA takes into account your prior experience and is mostly self driven. (Same sort of learning experience as HML and ML). It’s also considerably cheaper to do as the ACO runs its own courses so all you really need to pay is your registration fee and any expenses. It does however require a 16 hour First Aid Qualification (I think pretty much all of the Courses Mountain attaining deliver are around this mark).

The problem with FAW that a lot of Wings were finding is that if your staff have a distance to travel you have no time to train Friday evening and Staff are getting home very late on the Sunday which many are unwilling to do with work the next day.


[quote=“Gunner, post:24, topic:3050, full:true”]

A FAAW course can be conducted over a weekend, starting on the Friday evening and ending on the Sunday afternoon.[/quote]
RCO courses seem to run like this. So the model is there.


Except we have no need for FAW so we would be asking volunteers to give up another Friday night for no reason.


They do - over 2 weekends for the initial SR cse - but insisting on FAAW as being the required qualification will be yet another weekend from work / family life. Surprise, surprise, many RAFAC activities also often take place at weekends; there is only so much blood that can be squeezed from the stone!


All I said was the model exists for courses from Friday night.


I am my wings dep 1st aid. I also run my own bussiness delivering FA and am ofqual acredited. We deliver FAAW residental from friday night to sunday 1700.

We only have staff and the model works. Normal cost of an FAAW is around £200 we charge £30 which covers certs and books for the course

The sltaff really ljke it due to the fact all.the AT bods get togeather or all.the shooting bods get togeather and have a weekend learning and fun with out the cadets.


As an AT Bod I’d rather get together with the AT types and do some AT without the cadets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Found out that my RAF GDT MOD 1 is the same as the MATTS 3 Level 1 so im all good FA wise and can cover ranges too.


Cheers dits. :wink: