Sport badge to wear on uniform


Evening all,
I understand that the brassard has recently been changed around. However, as a really keen sportsperson, I find it quite frustrating that there isn’t a sport badge to recognise sporting achievements that you can wear on uniform: i.e. blue for squadron rep, bronze for wing rep., etc. I think it would be nice to have a sport badge, as there are awards such as region blue and corps blue but no official badge to wear on uniform.
Is this a valid suggestion to make and if so, who would I make this suggestion to?
Thank you :slight_smile:


I believe there have been discussions at HQAC already


Stick your wing blue on a t-shirt and bobs your aunty


That was the outcome of the discussion…
No new badges for the foreseable future


It would make more sense than the almost unobtainable parachute badge! Fits well with the four badge progress system as well.


Very valid, and it has been made, so fear not.

Just don’t expect it to happen any time soon.


There top of the list for new badges with the drill crew hot on their heals


Don’t know about the PE enthusiasts, but there are already mock-ups for drill badges.

Drill is a pointless one in my mind, but sports actually makes sense. Ditch the parachute badge and put sports above road marching. Parachute doesn’t even fit into the PTS theme so…


I know a drill PTS syllabus has been created also


Is this Tony Bird’s doing?


Not sure just seen some rough ideas for blue bronze silver gold…the drill portal already refers to bronze silver and gold


And we turn into…


As someone who did a lot of sport as a cadet it was annoying that it got no obvious recognition and it’s high time it was, but not within the PTS BS.
Why on earth we’d need badges for drill is beyond me. It does seem from the plethora of drill courses that have sprung up like mole hills on a manicured lawn, that the Air Cadets could be renamed Drill Cadets. I think the only reasons for drill to come to prominence is it is simple, appeals to simple folk and give Adult SNCOs something to do as they majority seem to think it’s what they exist for.


Here we go again with the NCO bashing…

You complain about “all these courses”, but has it not occurred to you that they wouldn’t run if the cadets weren’t interested in them? Perhaps we are supplying courses to meet demand, instead of what you describe.

“there are too many shooting/fieldcraft/walking/biking/kayaking activities, it must only be to give those pesky skillies/ RCOs/FCIs/HMLs/MIASers/paddlesport instructors something to do”.



To be honest I would of thought for gold drill the cadet would be issued shoes or ammo boots with the metal studs fitted to the sole :grin:


Teflon, please don’t wait 3 years to age out. Just leave now, you clearly don’t want to be in cadets, you want to be in scouts, and frankly from your comments I’m concerned about child protection on your squadron.


Don’t feed the troll!


Pep? Is that you?


These drill course didn’t exist as much as they did before and if they didn’t now I doubt cadets would be baying for them. Drill has it’s place, god knows I did enough of it as a cadet, Arms, Banner, Armed Banner, Silent Sentries, Armed Continuity, plus ‘square bashing’ but we didn’t have any courses and none of us cadet NCOs suffered for it.
It’s not NCO bashing, I just wish we could have a SNCO cadre that didn’t seem obsessed with it and made so much of it and got into a broader ‘role’ in the Air Cadets. I’ve made this observation at CO’s conferences and it’s not been well received.

As for the other things I wish there were more opportunities as that IMO is what cadets should be doing afterall “Venture Adventure”, not marching around.


You really are out of touch.

We run drill courses and they are always over subscribed. 100% positive feedback from the most recent Cadet Drill Course and many vocal supporters asking what other drill camps/courses they can do.
Whether you “get it” or not there are plenty of cadets who enjoy drill and ceremonial. These are the cadets who watch the QSC displays and think “I’d love to have a go at that!”. There are also plenty of staff who want to get more involved.

We have around 8 active DIs here and we all have a broader role, being involved in various other areas such as Skill at Arms, Comms, First Aid, AT…

Do stop grumbling and just deal with it - your idea of what the Corps “should be” is not the same as anyone else’s (and probably hasn’t been for the last 50 years).