Single change for greatest effect


Gets my vote!!


Stop pointless, inaccurate and sycophantic Social Media accounts that are on platforms that young people don’t use!


i think you have misunderstood the premise of the original question posed


it is not what one thing will fix the organisation, what one thing would you like to see fixed before anything else.


Hail Hydra!


More devolution of the cadet experience to ensure a more consistent experience for cadets across the country.

If we’re having to become less reliant on the RAF why not move some things around the country. The dispersal of the VGSs away from a relatively constrained geographic area being a prime example.


I have been thinking about this for a while and the biggest thing that affects the RAFAC is that the paid employees of the RAFAC does not understand how 1234 (Bogstandardsworth) Sqn works on a cold wet tuesday night.


Everyone at HQAC to do a minimum service of 1 month at a squadron prior to taking their position.
And a refresher week/fortnight every year


Will they have to wait 6 months before they can be appointed too?


If there’s any justice…


Why just stop at the top; what about Region and Wing levels?

Permanent staff across the board just don’t understand what it’s like to do a day job, go home, have something to eat before doing a 2 1/2 stint twice a week on a squadron; and then the odd weekend!!!

We all hear the platitudes about they can’t understand how we do it; well then come to a squadron for more than a grip ‘n’ grin session to find out.


Agreed, though you’d have some fun with the C2 issues involved (heads being reluctant to have activities taking place on their site in their time but with someone else in overall charge). But overall I think it would be a massive win, as I’ve said before.

By the way there is no ‘CCF’ to disband; only CCFs…


Not overly sure it’s necessary at Wing level - with staff shortages being what they are it’s relatively common to see WSOs and even the WC running a sqn, and if they’re not doing it now, they certainly have at some point. But at Region, certainly.


The caveat being they are not to do anything even slightly related to their day job, unless it’s specific activity linked qualifications.
They turn up and do what ever is needed on the night as one or staff won’t be down and the gap needs filling.


Bad idea. We get it in work where our customers come to us for a couple of days to see what we do and how we work. They all then go back and think they know everything and we spend months sorting out the issues that they have caused. We get this every year when the graduate program restarts.

I can see the same thing happening here, they would go back and would then be the font of all knowledge in the office. Volunteer engagement (which is getting somewhere, slowly!) would go down as they would know everything and would be more insular than before.

Yes there will be people who do it and it would be worthwhile and cause change. But i really think a different approach is needed rather than dumping someone in a sqn.


It’s simple then - make having been a CFAV within the last 3 years a requirement for the first sift.

Personally I would like the ACO to develop a culture where the full time roles, whether WHQ, RHQ or HQAC are 3 or 4 year contracts, and the applicants are drawn from current/recent CFAV’s.

Priorities would obviously shift about, and there might well be some reinventing of the wheel as different people come and go, but at least (mostly) the people coming up with this stuff would have some understanding of what can actually be delivered by a Two-man-and-a-dog Sqn on a wet Thursday night…


Reasonable idea, but they don’t pay enough and who would jeopardise their job for a 3 or 4 stint doing this?
Make it mandatory for all paid staff to be CIs.


Pilot Officers prevented from being Squadron Commanders.

Here’s my reasoning. People who would make good officers, particularly cadets about to age out are put off the idea of a commission because they (rightly) fear the prospect of running a squadron immediately after Cranwell.
My idea would increase the number of junior officers and give them time to develop before the big job is thrown at them at flying Officer. I anticipate that the retention would increase as well.


I’ve seen a number of younger and/or inexperienced officers burn out or become disillusioned far more quickly than the average CFAV when they are given the big chair.


The problem with that is the lack of Squadron Commanders, if you don’t let the Pilot Officers run Squadrons you will end up closing units.


Its not even just the pilot officers its the SNCOs running units. At least the pilot officers signed up knowing at some point they were going to command a unit. No SNCO signs up for that job wanting to sit in the big chair.