Saluting at Remembrance Parade


Yeah, that can’t stop as the RAF does not cater for the various circumstances that ATC banners will find themselves in. In particular, it is impractical to perform a Royal Salute when standing shoulder-to-shoulder with various colour bearers at a ceremony, especially when everybody else is doing something different

The ATC has adopted the Dip and includes it in the standard banner party competition run at all levels each year.

The status of a normal ATC banner is also somewhat different than the RAF colours and standards for which AP818 was written, so the variance for our own use should not really cause any disturbances in the force.


I agree to a point, ATC Banners are specifically mentioned in the references above.

But there needs to be some flexibility in parades, especially in the remembrance season! I know, I’ve been spitting feathers these last few days!!

However, non standard drill movements shouldn’t be used anywhere else apart from these exceptional circumstances.

ATC Banners are held in similar regard to colours and standards and should be treated similarly.


How do you define a standard drill movement? Is it one that confirms to AP818?
( < cough> paces left/right < /cough> )


One that’s in AP818 would be good :wink: