Running Events

So you need to prove your selves as capable adults to your OC. Start small, and work up. Start by organising a day at the squadron doing lessons of some kind to keep it simple. Then work upwards. Just get used to all the systems in place.

I would strongly suggest start small and work up.

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I think I’m a bit prone to getting a head myself. As becoming staff cadet may cause me to need a significantly bigger beret for a while while I get used to it.

I stand very much wrong folks - my apologies.

Just checked ACP20 - PI501 - Sec5… have fun with those activities and don’t listen to grumpy swines like me :upside_down_face: :joy:

Seriously though, make sure when you move to Staff Cadet that you are given the right tools (and, unlike me, use them) because everything is their in b&w. Get on Sharepoint and look at the right things for what you’re doing


If you’re looking at doing what are effectively socials, just go as mates, avoids all manner of problems, no supervision ratios etc .

I was asked by a cadet if they could arrange a social night out, to the pictures. My only comment was ensure it’s something all the cadets could go to. They went, had a good time and none of us staff were anywhere near. Before lockdown they’d went for meals on the pretence of it being someone’s birthday and since things have eased the cadet have met up.

When we were cadets went on socials as a bunch of mates. We organised coaches or went by train. It was accepted that no one made idiots of themselves.

My advice is to talk to the approver well in advance; find out what they will want, any examples / templates they have, etc. Their job is not just to approve / reject, rather their job is to ensure you’re successful. However, they can’t do that if you leave it to the 11th hour. Pick an event and talk to its approver via the chain of command.

Also, have a good read of the relevant rules, so you’re ready for when someone tries to sell you some nonsense.

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