Rugby Internationals

No, this isn’t another station on the Eurostar line.

The Rugby World Cup is just around the corner and the warm-ups are already underway. Whilst I’d love to see a Northern Hemisphere winner this time round, for the first time since any of our current cadets were born, South Africa look like they might have peaked at just the right time to steal it again.

Who are you supporting, do you have a “second” team and who do you think will actually win?

I would put my money on Ireland, they have been masters in the past of peaking too soon, but this year they look spot on.

I’d rather of be England, but that’s not looking likely.

See, Ireland are doing all the right things and I’d love to see them win. But they seem to have a curse that means that can’t get past the quarter finals. Never in the 36 years of World Cup history have they ever made it past that stage, even when playing against opponents they should have beaten.

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I like watching rugby (union of course) much more than men’s football. It’s a proper game with respect for the referee and officials. I can’t do with prima-donna over paid footballers who could learn a lot from the women’s game.

I’d like to see the home nations do well especially England.

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Agree with this, much better to watch.

A bit off track, does anyone use Tickets for Troops to gain tickets, not only for rugby!’

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I’m a fan of both codes; each offers something different.

Union has the glitz and glamour, as well as the opportunity for some really fancy play.

League flows better, has fewer stoppages of play, and is much more about brute force for much of the game.

The fact that Union is a winter game and League is a summer game, thus the seasons don’t fully overlap, massively helps too. And I’ve definitely been pleased to see more League on the BBC recently too.

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I’ve used them in the past for rugby and football, but haven’t seen anything available for my teams for years now.

Well, I think after today it’s time to sack Steve Borthwick and Bill Sweaney.

Big late now, might as well just get the tournament over and done with.

After today’s act, I wouldn’t be surprised if England entered the RWC coachless and it had no affect at all on their current abilities.

And finally it’s here: RUGBY WORLD CUP 2023

As much as I’d love to see a Northern Hemisphere team win, which has only happened once before (England, 2003) I’m expecting South Africa to come out on top as they just seem to be peaking at the right time.

Who are we all expecting to win? Will the home advantage give France a push in the right direction, or will the luck of the Irish prevail?

I stand by Ireland

I’d be happy if they did, but I’m expecting the curse of the quarter finals to hit them again this year.

I hope I’m wrong.

I think tonight’s game is the warm up for the final. The only other team with a look in is Ireland.
Pool A the top two are obvious
Pool B Can’t see Scotland beating either Ireland or SA
Pool C top three between Aus Wales and Fiji, Aus are poor at the moment with Wales and Fiji to go through.
Pool D England are going to struggle to get out of the group. Argentina to win and the Eng v Jap game to close to call.

Given what’s happened with the last few matches, I’m not sure I could actually sit and watch England for 80 minutes unless a complete miracle happens and they remember they’re actually competing with the opposition.

But I will be watching Pool B with interest.


Group B looks very interesting.

Got to say New Zealand and France are looking good.

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Missed most of it, tuned in just as France took the lead through a try. Very tight tussle!

France rampant in the second half.

Brilliant match (the 25 mins I saw, anyhow), and a great result for kicking off this year’s RWC.

Looking forward to seeing how the ABs respond; they usually buck up after a loss. Crazy that that’s their first ever group stage loss.