Retired rank


I am planning a Service Dinner Which will be attended by a number of retired officers. I know correct way of for indicating retired rank for the army but unsure of indicating RAFVR(T) retired status. My research suggests that the second option below is correct. In your experience which is correct ?

  1. Flt Lt (Retd) A N Other RAFVR(T)

  2. Flt Lt A N Other RAFVR(T) (Retd)


Could be wrong, but aren’t you only retired if you are Sqn Ldr and above?


I agree - the second option seems correct to me

(apologies for bullet-pointing your options for ease of reference)


Nope. AFB have been merrily granting Flt Lt RAFVR(T) Ret’d for a while.

And, according to stuff sent out from HQAC its done…

Flt Lt A N Other RAFVR(T) Ret’d


Slight topic drift. Do you have to apply to be “Retired”? Or is it an automatic thing on leaving for officers (if i remember correctly, after a minimum of 10 years??) ?


That’s crazy.


You may be confused with retaining rank in retirement.

Ie my neighbour on the left side reached Sqn Ldr before retiring from the RAF and chooses to use his rank, and so call him Sqn Ldr Smith.
(In much the same way a Dr is always a Dr regardless of emoloyment/retirement - unless struck off!)

By pure chance his brother is my right side neighbour but retired earlier as a Flt Lt and can only be called Mr Smith except in formal military occassions (such as a dinner or awards night) where former rank is recognised with Retd

Former/retired officers* are also permitted on parades (such as Remembrance and Battle of Britain) in No1 uniform regardless of when they retired.

*this may only be open to Flt Lt and above


As above - IIRC convention is that although OF-3 can retain rank on retirement, it’s not really considered the done thing below OF-4.

The only exception is horsey stuff, where OF-2 get to retain rank through some obscure system!


Does this really matter?
I imagine for some it will and to not do so would upset them , but for the majority it wouldn’t make any difference what you call them.


But do you ever retire these days from the organisation; or is it a case of just getting fed up of the politics and bureaucracy and leaving :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


When I previously left the organisation, as a Fg Off, my official letters came back granting me permission to retain my rank, so it isn’t only possible for the higher echelons.


Thank you @incubus I will go with the second option.


Second option isnt quite right. As i said, the AFB paperwork is…

Flt Lt A N Other RAFVR(T) Ret’d

No bracketed Ret’d


Someone I know once accidentally signed his email:

“J Bloggs
Squadron Leader Retard”

Oh, how we all laughed.