Regulations around transferring and promotions

A Cpl transferred to our Squadron 2 months ago and has been promoted to Sgt.

I was told that to be promoted after transferring to a new squadron you have to wait 6 months.

Is this correct? Where can the “rules and regulations” around this sort of topic be found?

There are no regulations at all regarding promotion after transferring.

It is the decision of the OC of who gets what rank (with it being a little different at CWO).

I did the same thing with someone who transferred into my squadron last year. They were at the squadron for less than 3 weeks and completely wiped the floor with my entire NCO team and totally deserved it.

No rules are formalised for this - pretty much OC’s discretion on whether they’d promote someone newly transferred / letting a transferred NCO maintain rank etc.

Exception would be CWO though