Registered Civilian Committee Members


I know that I’m not the only person to whom this whole “registered CivCom member” thing seems utterly pointless…

They go through DBS disclosures, BPSS, they have to complete AVIP and AFA… At the end of all this they have done all the same legwork as someone becoming a CI…

In the old days it was easy - If you wanted the CivCom to help out at an event (catering for an open day; helping at a Sqn BBQ, etc) you just ensured that they were not left alone with cadets (the same as with other non-DBS visitors).

Now though, if they want to get involved they go through the same application process as every other CFAV… So why the hell are we reinventing the wheel? If someone wants to become so involved with Sqn activities as to warrant the time, resources, and expense involved in putting them through the process then why not just point in them in the direction of applying for service as a CI?

It made sense to permit us to apply for DBS for certain CivCom members in special circumstances (if for example you had a CivCom member who ran the tuck shop or something, but was otherwise not involved in the Sqn organisation). A nice option to allow limited additional contribution from CivCom members and to remove some of the supervisory requirements from the existing staff. Not applicable across the board, and judged on a case-by-case basis on it’s own merits.

But now it’s as though some muppet has pushed it even further without stopping to think “Actually, we’ve already got a route which allows people who are not Sqn Staff to work as Sqn Staff - they apply to become Sqn Staff!”

Then of course we also have this bizarre double-standard:

As CFAVs - CIs, SNCOs, WOs, and Commissioned Officers are not permitted to sit on Civilian Committees (OC Sqn excepted) - DAS IST VERBOTEN!
But a CivCom member can now become both CivCom and CFAV at the same time? 'The hell is that about?


Well there’s a question for the next uniformed staff conference(s) you have. The question should be can all staff vote on spending money, which effectively the position with reg CWC. I know of 2 CWC who are registered and they get used as baby-sitters and mini-bus drivers. One is a lady who IMO quite frankly gets used as female cover when the female staff can’t be bothered to turn up to parades or events.

This was one CAC’s brilliant ideas to get around a problem of not being able to attract as many staff as we really need, but didn’t really think it through. This a bit like the idea I heard about of having someone like a mum, come in just to sit and do admin on Bader. Of course you got the impression this hadn’t been thought through.

One of CWC approached the CO about doing this and was asked, what could you do, that don’t do aeady? Nothing really, so don’t waste your time giving yourself more grief than you deserve.


The reason is that the RAF has stipulated that only CFAVs and cadets can be passengers on MT vehicles and that CWC members cannot.

So this whole thing is a way around that by making them CFAVs in all but name


Personally I can’t think of a single occasion when I have ever needed/wanted/wished that I could have put a CivCom member on an MT vehicle - not even under the “MT guise” of phoenix hire.

I’m sure other units will have have some examples of their own, but can it really be such a wide spread requirement for CivCom to be such an integral part of an activity and yet NOT be a CI?


Depends on the role your CWC plays. If they provide catering or other support during camps etc, then they might need to get there by MT or Phoenix transport. Pretty common here locally.


Apologies for the ress but…

Considering Reg Civcom, can we expect Reg CFAV for those squadron’s without/poorly staffed Civcoms?