Rank requirements

Hi so im quite passionate for becoming an nco on my squadron but i do have to wait longer. But to be prepared im just curious;

-what are the requirements?
-any tips or experiences
-do you have to have gone on a weekend camp or not? Because i dont know if there will be any
-What are the camps like coz im planning on doing one asap anyway
-is there a difference in blue and green camps other than uniform?
An answer to these would be well appreciated, thankyou in advance x

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I can answer the last query.

A blue camp tends to be a more formal visit, like to an airbase. You will do more local visits to museums etc, and get a feel for how a base works. That is not to say you won’t to any AT activities.

A green camp is totally focused on AT, like shooting, climbing, watersports and weapons drills. You may still do some “blue” activities however.

Either way they are both excellent and are brilliant ways to make memories.

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There are no formal requirements written down anywhere. Each squadron and OC will have their own approach to it, their own set of what makes someone a good potential NCO.

This recent thread has some good examples; Applying for Cpl

But you can also search this forum for hundreds of other threads all asking the same questions.

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Reading ACP 48 which is the training notes for a JNCO course would be a good start.


Simply enjoy yourself, enjoy being a cadet, enjoy being an ACTIVE part of your squadron.

Take pride in being part of a team, take pride in your appearance, take pride in helping others and take pride in being the first to volunteer - especially if no one else does!

The first step to Cpl is the hardest. To all intent purposes you are “the first amongst equals”. You don’t have that much authority and what little authority will often be ignored by your fellow cadets.

As mentioned previously, each squadron will often have different criteria - but ultimately, will come down to the same basis, looking at those who are trying their best for the unit and their peers.

Don’t be the one that’s always messing about and having a laugh - but don’t let that stop you from having a good time.

Often many squadrons will shy away from promoting cadets that are only First Class - but that’s not set in stone.

The more experience you do have, the better off you’ll be - but more importantly, the more experience you have, hopefully the more fun you’ve been having.

Why do you want to be an NCO?

I ask this question because too many cadets will answer with something along the lines of “because I deserve it/because I’m ready for it” - answers which make me question whether that cadet fully understands what being an NCO means, due to them lacking detail.

You should be able to answer this question in detail and demonstrate a good understanding of the privileges & responsibilities of an NCO before submitting an application (assuming that your squadron works on an application basis - not all do). If you can’t, then spend some more time working on this, including speaking with your squadron staff to understand what your responsibilities as an NCO would involve.