RAM safety vehicles

Have the regulations on RAMs changed WRT safety vehicles on ranges, where does it state that I need to put down the safety vehicle registration on a RAM, I have been writing range documents for 20 years and have never come across this.

I recently completed my RCO Course and nothing was said about reg no. for safety vehicle. It was more general, ‘white minibus parked x’ and location of keys briefed.
It’s rare that you know the reg no. especially if using hire/MT

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I can say with certainty that it is not a requirement of CTR18, nor is it taught on courses.

If you are from LaSER then feel free to direct the question to me formally and I will gladly discuss with the person demanding this.

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Suggest you look closer to home on your SATT teams

I guess you got issue with a SATT team, that isn’t 6 or 8…??

That’s a hard one , could you ask me one on common sense :woozy_face:

It’s something that is a fad but makes sense. It’s mentioned in courses quite often as ‘white minibus in the car park’ can be one of 10 usually.

The issue comes when it is a clarity or hire vehicle and the plate is unknown.

Do you not park it in an obvious location? Failing that, you have the keys and those will open the thing and possibly also have the registration on the tab.

It’s a bit of a nonsense issue, IMO.

If you absolutely need to highlight your safety vehicle, a visual identifier will be more easier to spot that reading VRN plates.

If any one is worried about you not knowing which is the correct bus, make sure everyone is briefed to press the unlock button on the key fob. Flashing indicators = the bus you want to use.

Failing that, Print off 4 notices on bright coloured card, stating “123 Sqn Safety Bus. C/O Flt Lt Jones 07123456789”, and stick them on front, rear, and side windows.

Horses for courses. It’s all how people choose to manage a situation and how it can be managed using the lay of the land and information available.

I would hope the medic would be well briefed in the vehicle to be used and the routes to the nearest hospital personally.

As has been said, it’s not a requirement so can’t be enforced.

Correct. What a load of tosh. Amongst other things, it doesn’t cover no shows (or late arrival for whatever reason), etc.

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I’ve never really got the obsession with a safety vehicle for this activity. If the injury is so bad you need to go to hospital NOW then you would be using an ambulance anyway!

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Is this coming from ‘the military’ where someone has seen or read something and directly translated into the cadet world, without sanity checking it first?

This is the only information required on safety vehicles as per AC71855C

  1. Medical. A safety vehicle with stretcher and a first aid kit will be at the central admin area. This medical plan is in accordance with Cadet Training Ranges and Range Standing Orders. The following plan will be implemented in the event of a casualty on this range: The level of medical cover and action taken following an accident will be dictated by the Range Authority, but it must be to the minimum requirement stipulated within Cadet Training Ranges.